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Marketers Increase Spend to Facebook Mobile Video Ads by 2.4X

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Advertisers leveraging Nanigans’ Ad Engine have increased spend to Facebook mobile video ads by 2.4X in the last 10 days – and it’s no secret why.


Video has introduced a new layer of engagement and relevancy on Facebook mobile, empowering marketers to reach an 875 million person mobile audience with content in motion that delights, entertains and inspires.

Television networks and movie studios are not the only companies excited about Facebook mobile video ads. Mobile gaming companies can now feature a mashup of exhilarating gameplay to lure in new players to their mobile app; travel companies can inspire vacation planning by illuminating experiences and destinations with movement and sound; and retailers can now feature runway shows and product tours to spur mobile commerce.

The Mobile Video Ad Opportunity

Mobile is engrained deeply in our daily lives, with the average US internet connected mobile user spending 2 hours and 25 minutes online on their mobile device each day:

Search for Local Info

Research Products

Make Purchases

Every marketer knows that ad spend follows consumer time spent. In fact, Gartner just published a report projecting global mobile ad revenues to reach $18 billion this year (up from 13 billion in 2013), and grow to a mind blowing $41 billion by 2017. The mobile ad format Gartner projects to see the greatest growth during this time? You guessed right: it’s video.

Marketers already have experience with video, with 93% of senior marketing professionals reporting in an eMarketer poll having leveraged video for marketing and sales (up from 81% in 2012 and 70% in 2011). Mirroring Gartner’s projections in this eMarketer poll: 71% of these senior marketing professionals expect to increase budgets to video this year.

Facebook Mobile Video Ad Types & Early Performance

Facebook has enabled use of video in mobile ads to drive and measure marketer goals, all while ensuring an enjoyable experience for Facebook users. Depending on your goal, video can be leveraged as the creative for mobile app install ads or Page post ads on mobile.

FacebookMobileAppInstallAds_CreativeMobile app install video ads are designed specifically for mobile app developers to acquire new users, featuring a strong “Install Now” call-to-action and seamless conversion funnel redirecting people directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play. While adoption of this ad unit is still very limited, early results over the last 10 days indicate that on average mobile app install video ads can generate 39% higher clickthrough rates (CTRs) than standard mobile app install ads with static creative.

The second type of Facebook mobile video ads are unpublished Page post video ads. Unpublished page post video ads are designed to drive higher funnel goals on mobile such as branding, engagement and awareness or to drive users outside of Facebook to a mobile website.

FacebookMobileVideoAds_TypeMarketers should have a clear understanding of their goals and success metrics to understand which Facebook mobile video ad product is best for them. For example, gaming companies have been quick to adopt Facebook mobile app install video ads to drive app installs, with 86% of mobile video ad spend in the last 10 days allocated to this ad unit and the remaining 14% to unpublished page post video ads.

While video is an important and compelling new medium in marketer creative arsenals on Facebook mobile, it’s important to keep in mind that it builds on all the other compelling Facebook mobile ad features that marketers have grown to love: large creative, social context, strong call-to-actions, seamless post-click conversion funnels, and unprecedented targeting to name a few!

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