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Nanigans Feature: Facebook Q4 Earnings Recap & What’s Next For Marketers

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

What a day!

In case you missed the media coverage, Facebook is crushing it and Nanigans was featured by some major publications for coverage around the Facebook earnings call:

Nanigans Features:

1.) CNBC – Robert Peck, Managing Director at SunTrust was featured on CNBC Fast Money during the earnings call and cited Nanigans research and data throughout his appearance.


2.) Wall Street Journal – Facebook Earnings, What to Watch

3.) Citibank – Positive Retail Advertiser Datapoints for Q4


4.) Forbes – Surging Mobile Ads in Q4 Drive Another Facebook Surprise


5.) VentureBeat – Facebook Ads; All Things Up


6.) All Facebook – Strong Facebook Performance in Q4

All FB

7.) Inside Facebook – Advertisers Find Sustained Revenue Per Click

inside fb

 Takeaway for Marketers:

1.) Mobile: Our advertisers have helped the mobile surge over the past 12 months, with mobile now accounting for just under 50% of overall ad spend. The number of advertisers that are tracking mobile purchases is up 3x over the past 12 months, targeting confidence levels are at an all time high and we’re now working with our advertisers on Facebook exclusive creative which is driving increased engagement.

2.) Performance: In short, performance is up again thanks to improving targeting and optimization tactics. We released our updated benchmarks report which showed revenue per click increasing over each of the past three quarters. Advertiser should expect tangible results, strong ROI and yes, you guessed it…predictive lifetime value.

3.) Shifting ad budgets means scale: Digital represents roughly 25% of overall marketing/advertising budgets. Expect to see that number increase and more budgets moving to social and mobile which each represent less than 15% of digital budgets (display and search being the leaders for now).

Go Facebook!

Want to learn more about how to run profitable Facebook campaigns at scale? Talk to Nanigans today!

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