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6 Considerations When Choosing a Mobile Measurement Partner for Facebook

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

Mobile is a crucial segment of how consumers interact with your brand, and convert to playing your game, make purchases, or your desired conversion action. Measuring how your Facebook app is performing is an important step in that journey – and choosing the right partner to help measure your app is the first step towards ensuring a successful, and profitable app.

Here are 6 important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a mobile measurement partner for Facebook:

1. Ability to measure and report on Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value (LTV) enables you to go beyond standard metrics and measure the true value of a customer. This capability will enable you to build a full picture of what consumers are doing within the conversion funnel for increased insight into consumer behavior.

2. Measurement across device types

With over 65% of U.S. mobile subscribers owning a smartphone and the global growth of Android, iOS, and other devices, measuring across any device a consumer is using is crucial to truly understanding your mobile conversion funnel. Ensure that your mobile measurement partner can measure across any device, in real-time, and going beyond just measurement, is the ability to re-target them on Facebook. Knowing when and where customers convert allows advertisers to optimize ad delivery and performance across devices, making sure they optimize for ROI.

3. What can be measured within your app

In addition to measuring across device type, consider how the solution actually measures consumer behavior. Measuring just the conversion only provides visibility to half of your funnel. Gaining insight into your entire funnel (i.e. when consumers are clicking, how much time they are taking until conversion, etc.) is an important step to taking action from your data.

4. Integration with optimization

Measurement is only half of the equation. While it’s a great first step, you should aim to target and re-engage consumers in your conversion funnel to take action. Using a solution that can seamlessly integrate these two halves of the equation directly enables you to make the most of your data and take action.

5. Size of code snippet and how it impacts download constraints

The size of the code snippet needed for measurement of your mobile app should not add significant size to the app. With various download limits across OS types, size constraints can be a crucial consideration of how “lightweight” your app truly is and whether your app gets installed or not.

6. What data do you own versus the measurement platform?

Consider what data you will own versus your measurement and optimization platform and the ability for the provider to sell that data to competitors or utilize it within future optimization campaigns. This data can be important in retaining a competitive edge and finding insights on customers that allow for new advertising opportunities.

Why Performance Marketing Is the Answer

With Nanigans you get the full capability to measure customer Lifetime Value and then implement optimization campaigns based on holistic customer and conversion data. In addition, because of our advanced performance marketing solution you can measure across any device type and feed mobile data back into campaign optimization. Nanigans gives marketers the tools they need to evaluate performance data and optimize ad spend on mobile.

With Nanigans mobile SDK you gain all the benefits of mobile measurement, plus the abilities to take real action on the data you are seeing. In the end, using the Nanigans SDK saves you time on measuring holistic conversion funnel and then taking action based on that data.

Get started by measuring and advertising with Nanigans today.

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