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Analyze and Discover Ad Insights with Performance Analysis!

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

At Nanigans we work to provide all-in-one solutions that help advertisers measure, manage, and optimize their ad campaigns.

Today we released a new reporting tool focused around helping advertisers easily view and take action from ad placement information. Performance Analysis functions as an advanced pivot table to help advertisers sort, filter, and drill-down into their most important data.

Performance Analysis delivers:

  1. Complete insight into campaign performance
  2. Insight into attributes and metrics
  3. Capability to take optimization actions on placements
  4. Ability to filter and see data in any way
  5. Data export for easily downloading and sharing campaign reports
  6. Faster results than ever before

Complete Insight into Campaign Performance

We’ve made great strides in making reporting easier, and more robust, all while delivering additional insight through Performance Analysis.

Using Performance Analysis advertisers can sort, filter, and drill-down into any information they would like. For example, if an advertiser wanted to see which creative was working best you can easily show performance by image or video and then sort each by your key metrics such as ROI, LTV, CTR, CPC, and more.

attributes_pngDiscover Insight from Attributes and Metrics

Performance Analysis helps advertisers view, sort through, and visualize multiple dimensions of campaign data. Configure tables with the attributes and metrics that matter by adding predefined audiences, creative elements, data-related attributes or placement details, followed by the metrics that determine campaign success.

Once the selections have been made simply drag and drop to re-order metrics for a complete campaign dashboard.

Filter and See Data in Any Way

Easily sort, re-arrange, and filter data to see how campaigns are performing. Using the powerful capabilities built into Performance Analysis, find important patterns and trends in data that connect campaign performance directly to what matters to the business and advertising goals.

Take Actions on Placements

View all surrounding data about individual placements and then based on performance data, take optimization actions for any number of placements.


Some of the actions you can take on placements are:

  • Pausing and un-pausing a placement or set of placements.
  • Adjusting bids
  • Adjusting budget
  • Scheduling
  • Much more…

These options allow complete control over all placements and the ability to optimize each through the Performance Analysis.

Export Campaign Performance Data to Share with Colleagues

Using data within Performance Analysis advertisers can export report information that in CSV or TSV format. Data export allows advertisers to select the level of data they want the report to aggregate data at. For example, if a report includes gender, age, and placement this data can be aggregated and exported at any level.

Faster, More Reliable, and Better Performing Than Ever Before

Performance Analysis was built from the ground-up to be fast, robust, and seamlessly handle large amounts of data. This new reporting tool allows advertisers to sort, filter, and find trends in massive amounts of campaign data in a faster way than ever before.

For a more detailed list of all of Nanigans product updates, please check out our Knowledge Base.

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