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Meg Bear Discusses Vision Behind Oracle Social Cloud and Nanigans Partnership

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Nanigans announced today that the company will be working with Oracle Social Cloud in Oracle Social’s Paid Media Partnership Program. Read our Q&A on the vision behind the partnership and more with Meg Bear, group vice president for Oracle Social Cloud.

Meg BearWhy did you select Nanigans for this partnership?

We wanted to work with the best ad technology platforms in the business and Nanigans certainly fits the bill. The Nanigans platform delivers exactly what today’s modern marketer needs—strong performance-based, data-driven and targeted capabilities that scale. Nanigans close partnerships with social platforms, like Facebook and Twitter coupled with their ongoing dedication to innovation provides a marketing edge. And together we can deliver our customers premier social business capabilities in a comprehensive and connected interface.

Where do you see the future of social/mobile and how can enterprise brands best prepare themselves?

The lines between social and mobile are blurring fast. Consumers don’t view them as separate anymore. As mobile proliferation continues, particularly around smartphones, we are seeing social usage and engagement increase. This past year, mobile usage—smartphone and tablets—took over desktop in time spent. Smartphones replaced feature phones and are projected to skyrocket in growth. Both Facebook and Twitter now have more than 70% of their total user base accessing via mobile. Brands need to really think mobile first. And they need to select partners and technologies that understand these dynamic and transformational shifts, and that place a priority on innovation and the customer at all times. That’s what we do at Oracle Social. It’s a shared value with have with Nanigans.

How do you think Predictive Lifetime Value™ (PLTV) fits in with marketer’s ROI goals?

Nanigans continues to pioneer in the media buying space and that’s delivering real value and ROI for its customers. Predictive Lifetime Value™ is a prime example of this type of innovation. It’s perhaps the most difficult and exciting time ever to be a CMO and what’s needed—essential really—are data-fueled technologies that measure, predict and optimize value across social and mobile.

Why a partnership strategy—what are the immediate benefits customers can realize?

First, it provides a stronger collaboration between the owned and paid ends of the house, since coordination between the two has been traditionally siloed. This approach creates a seamless connection, so marketers can act in real-time on content that needs amplification via paid and understand how the content is performing across paid, owned and earned. Second, it delivers expertise by combining the premier social relationship management platform in Oracle SRM with leading ad technology platform of Nanigans. Let the experts keep innovating and doing what they do best and the customer wins. Third, it provides a more holistic view of customer data—with the ability to augment and build out that customer picture with additional first and third-party data. Marketers need to be thinking: technology, collaboration and data.

Click here for a demo of the Oracle Social and Nanigans integration.

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