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Delivering Relevant and ROI-Driven Ads Using Website Custom Audiences

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

According to a Global Media Intelligence study by eMarketer, advertisers that target the right audience can see an enormous lift in performance. For example, advertisers in Retail that targeted top audiences experienced a lift in performance of 500%.

While some of the increases from targeting are astounding, the concept of targeting a relevant audience is not new among social marketers. On Facebook, performance-minded marketers have been utilizing expansive options to reach very granular and relevant audiences.

In addition to these targeting options, performance marketers can now retarget their own website visitors utilizing Website Custom Audiences. Let’s walkthrough what Website Custom Audiences is and how you can use it to deliver relevant ads that also generate ROI.

What is Website Custom Audiences?

Simply put, Website Custom Audiences give you a way of reaching people that have visited your website on Facebook. This powerful capability opens up endless possibilities to connect with relevant audiences from your website right on Facebook.

For example, using Website Custom Audiences you can target a group of people that visited a specific URL within your site, such as Then using this information, you could retarget anyone who visited the running shoes section of your website.

Why does this matter? Because for most websites only 2-4% of traffic converts on the first visit and reaching the other 96-98% of visitors can open up significant opportunity for growth and ROI.

Delivering ROI Using Website Custom Audiences

Although the example above was simplistic, it gives a glimpse into the power of Website Custom Audiences. To really deliver ROI based on Website Custom Audiences, you should start by taking a look at your business goals and seeing how the performance of current advertising strategies is meeting those goals.

Regardless of whether your goals are to increase conversions, drive lead gen, generate downloads, or something else – Website Custom Audiences provides a great way to complement your existing Facebook, and FBX advertising.

Once you have determined business goals, we can break these down into individual metrics and then define the audience that will help achieve that goal.

For example, if your goal is to increase conversion of men’s running shoes from 1% to 2% then you already have a specific conversion, and ROI goal to achieve. Given that you want to increase conversions for men’s running shoes, we already know our audience as well.

In this example, you could create multiple Website Custom Audiences that target people who have visited the men’s running shoes page on your site, looked at a specific brand, added an item to the cart, or followed a path to get to that specific running shoes page. Based on these diverse ways to reach your audience you can help drive conversions of a broad category, or an individual product that will meet your overall business goals.

You can run multiple Website Custom Audiences in parallel so increase of just focusing on conversion for men’s running shoes, you could also create a Website Custom Audience for women’s running shoes, or customers that looked at running shoes over $100. This allows you to target each of these distinct audiences and drive conversions at the product, category, or specific-customer level.

How to Start Using Website Custom Audiences in Ad Engine

For performance marketers, using Website Custom Audiences and Nanigans is the natural choice for meeting, and exceeding, your goals.

To get started setting up a Website Custom Audiences, simply go to the Custom Audiences screen to create a new Custom Audience. After clicking the box, you will have the option to create a standard Custom Audience or a Website Custom Audience.

Custom Audience

After clicking ‘Next’ you can begin to setup the actual rules, which will define the people who are included (or excluded) in your Custom Audience. To start, enter a brief name for this Website Custom Audience. We suggest being as descriptive as possible, especially if you will have more than one similar Website Custom Audience.

After deciding the name, select the Facebook Ad Account these rules will apply to and the Time Window these rules should apply as well. Please note that the maximum length of time you can retarget people using Website Custom Audiences is 180 days.

Website Custom Audiences 2

After you have completed that information it’s time to start defining the rules. Before jumping in, the first drop-down column represents the component and allows you to select from URL, Domain, Path, or Event. The second column provides a way of defining whether the component should be included, or excluded as criteria in defining the audience. There are numerous selections here as you can see in the image above ranging from contains (i.e. the URL must contain a specific string), or does not contain (i.e. a specific event did not happen), all the way to more advanced criteria. The third and final column is where you can enter the specific element that will define the Website Custom Audience.

Let’s walkthrough an example. In the above image, our first rule says that the URL must contain red-roses to be a part of this Website Custom Audience. The second-part of this rule adds that it must contain a purchase event, and the third-rule adds the purchase must be greater than or equal to $50. In this case, Website Custom Audiences will automatically build a list of people that meet all three criteria and enable you to retarget them on Facebook.

In addition to writing rules that follow specific targeting structure, you can also define another rule that uses “Or” as an operator. In our second example below, we added another rule that also adds if the person visited a page for valentine’s roses OR met any of the above criteria they should also be included in this Website Custom Audience.

Website Custom Audiences 3

As you can see from the extensive targeting options that Website Custom Audiences allows you to reach you can easily create numerous audiences that help drive individual product, or overall business goals.

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