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Facebook Exchange Dynamic Image Resizer Increases ROI by 30%

Written by: Janina Tantoco, Senior Campaign Manager

Using the Nanigans Facebook Exchange (FBX) remarketing solution, advertisers have the ability to dynamically display News Feed ad creative at an individual SKU level. This is beneficial for advertisers because it offers them the ability to show more relevant ads to consumers who have previously signaled intent on their website. For advertisers leveraging dynamic creative product feeds, Nanigans recently introduced its Dynamic Image Resizer, allowing marketers to dynamically resize ad images in the News Feed. The results so far are promising.

In a study across Nanigans’ largest eCommerce clients, the Dynamic Image Resizer delivered an increase in click-through-rates (CTRs) as high as 2x and boosted ROI by 30%.


Why is image resizing important? Because marketers retargeting end-users within the Facebook News Feed using FBX are required to use images that match up with a specific aspect ratio of 1.92:1 (1200x627px). Until now, FBX advertisers have had limited control of the images that live in their product feed. Many online retailers use vertical images to display their products, so when they are displayed in the News Feed their images are zoomed in to fit the width of the original image instead of the height. Due to the way many images are oriented, important product details are left out of the ad. Take a look at the image below, in which the ad zeroes in on a specific section of the image.

FB Image Optimizer


Nanigans’ new Dynamic Image Resizer allows marketers to dynamically resize their images within the product feed to fit into the 1:92:1 aspect ration required to render properly in the News Feed. We automatically fit the entire height of the image, align it to the center, and scan the four corners of the original image to match and fill the remaining white space. The Dynamic Image Resizer works best when the original image has a white background, but in the near future it will also work with a variety of colors and gradients.

FBX Image Optimizer

One of the additional features that will soon be available with the Dynamic Image Resizer is the ability to use customizable templates. An example of this is including the company’s logo statically on the side, top, or bottom of every single dynamic image. We are also looking to enable clients to input multiple images of one product into one ad unit.


  • ROI increased by 30%
  • CTRs increased by 2X


FBX remarketing provides marketers with an effective way to re-engage on Facebook with people who have visited their website. If you are running a retargeting campaign on Facebook, you should consider leveraging dynamic creative to increase your campaign performance. The contextual relevance and frequency offered by dynamic creative make FBX one of the most powerful retargeting mediums available in the market today.

Nanigans’ Dynamic Image Resizer gives Facebook marketers maximum control by providing them with an automated way to fit the entire image’s height into the size of a Page post link ad. With Nanigans’ Ad Engine platform, marketers can support hundreds of thousands of creative versions, make frequent changes to an ad, target a customized creative message to a specific audience, and optimize best performing creative elements.

If you are interested in learning more about FBX, download our latest eBook: Insider’s Guide to Retargeting with Facebook Exchange.

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