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Getting Creative: The Secret to Facebook Advertising Success [eBook]

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Marketers have spent billions of dollars on Facebook advertising. They are even spending more on Facebook for display advertising than they are on Google. Mostly that’s because Facebook ads work, allowing brands to successfully scale their ad spend on desktop and mobile. So why do Facebook ads work when they work?

There are three reasons:

  • Creative
  • Targeting
  • Optimization

Facebook’s extensive targeting options (demographics, affinities, psychographics and behaviors) coupled with optimization strategies based on customer lifetime value ensure that you can deliver your ads to the most relevant audience possible that will deliver the best returns. But focusing on these tactics alone will fail to bring the success that marketer’s are looking for. The single, most important element of a successful advertising campaign that ad tech historically forgets is “great” creative.

In our latest eBook, we explore strategies and approaches for effective ad creative on Facebook and how it impacts performance.

What’s Inside:

  • Overview of the creative process for understanding a brand’s identity and identifying interesting creative opportunities
  • Creative best practices for direct response advertising campaigns on Facebook
  • Multivariate creative testing strategies and approaches for identifying the best creative combinations
  • The significance of creative iteration as it relates to performance and scaling campaigns

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