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Passport to Profit: The Massive Mobile Opportunity for Travel Marketers

Written by: Mike Lamy, Director, Corporate Marketing

More than pets or even newborn babies, we’re all sharing about one thing on Facebook: travel. As the top industry on the social network, travel represents an enormous opportunity for marketers to capitalize on our collective wanderlust.

A Facebook study from November 2013 reveals just how significant of a role travel plays.

People who report travel as one of the top three posts they see on Facebook

People who start dreaming about a vacation, even when they did not have one planned, while using Facebook

People who say they are inspired by posts about their friends’ holidays

Just this week Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has 1 billion active monthly users on mobile. Couple this massive audience with PhoCusWright’s projection that mobile will account for 25% of the U.S. online travel market by 2015, and the result is a highly attractive market for online travel agencies.

Travel on Facebook isn’t all about dreaming of a Mediterranean cruise or looking enviously at photos of your friends relaxing on tropical beaches. At Nanigans we’ve seen how valuable Facebook can be for travel marketers. As our business and vacation travel habits continue to evolve, the opportunity for advertisers to realize high return on investment is especially impressive on mobile.

The shift to our ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablets before, during, and after trips is driving companies in the space to build out their mobile app offerings into richer, more valuable experiences. In a BI Intelligence report, TripAdvisor’s Vice President of Mobile Joost Schreve says, “Mobile is an absolutely critical piece of our strategy. Long term, it’s the center of everything we’re doing.”

How can travel marketers capitalize on Facebook’s mobile users?

HotelTonight-iPhoneOn Facebook, travel marketers with mobile apps can take advantage of mobile app install ads to drive user base growth. Using Website Custom Audiences is an effective way to unlock interested customers on Facebook who have already demonstrated intent by visiting specific pages on an advertiser’s website.

Mobile app engagement ads can then target existing app users with specific relevant offers in the right place at the right time. By deep linking engagement ads to a particular part of the app, advertisers can create a frictionless experience for customers. For example, an ad can retarget people who previously searched for a specific flight, encouraging them to complete a purchase with a direct link to that flight within the app. Utilizing Facebook’s call to action buttons such as “Book Now” further provides a clear path into the app, increasing the likelihood users will complete an advertiser’s desired action.

When marketers combine creative best practices, Facebook’s infinite targeting capabilities, and the soaring popularity of mobile among travelers, the potential is huge. We’re accustomed to seeing friends’ stories of globetrotting adventures in faraway places in the News Feed, so travel related ads find themselves right at home.

Are you a travel marketer interested in tapping into the 1 billion potential customers on Facebook mobile? Contact us today to learn how Nanigans can help you achieve your ROI goals at scale.

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