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7 Ways to Reach New Customers Using Lookalike Audiences

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

Lookalike audiences are a powerful way of targeting people that are similar to current customers. As Facebook describes it, “Lookalike audiences let you reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to a customer list you care about.”

This targeting capability provides a powerful way to reach potential customers who are more likely to convert based on their interests in similar products or services. There are two main ways to use a lookalike audience in your next Facebook campaign:

1. Uploading a Custom Audience based on a list of emails, UIDs, phone numbers, or mobile advertiser IDs. This list could be your customer list, or a segmented portion of your customer list that would enable you to reach a similar group of people.

2. Using a Website Custom Audience to target individuals similar to those that have viewed a specific page, or performed an event. For example, if you are an ecommerce website that sells shoes – using Website Custom Audiences would enable you to retarget customers that have viewed Nike running shoes. When you layer Lookalike audiences on top you gain the ability to target individuals that have not been to your site, but who are interested in the same topic, product, or category.

With those distinct targeting methods in mind you can begin to understand the vast possibility to reach new customers using Facebook. Lets dive-in to a few ways that you can utilize lookalike audiences to reach new customers.

1. Reach similar high-value customers. If you have a list of emails for high value customers, or track them on your website using custom events, you can not only target these specific individuals – but you can extend your reach to people similar to customers that are high-value.

2. Mobile customers that did not convert. Mobile is growing at an exponential rate and provides a huge opportunity for advertisers. Re-targeting mobile customers that did not convert from the desktop news feed provides an opportunity to increase the chance individuals convert.

3. Customers that have called your support center. Based on your own internal email data if you have an email list from customers that have reached out to your support center, you can re-target these individuals with a coupon or a specific message.

4. Re-target people that made it to a specific portion of your funnel. Using Website Custom Audiences you can automatically capture a list of individuals that have been to a specific URL like your add to cart screen. In this example, re-target not only people that did not checkout but also an audience that is interested in similar items just like them!

5. Target people who are on your email list, but not fans of your page. This is a great fan acquisition strategy if you are looking to grow the size of your page base. Not only that but this will help you reach relevant individuals that are more likely to ‘like’ your page based on their interests – leading to increased chance you will generate better results.

6. Users of your mobile application that have performed a specific action. For example, people that have downloaded and registered within your application. Just as in these other scenarios you can re-target this list of people but also target individuals similar to them for increasing the base of potential users that you reach.

7. Customers that have not purchased from your website within a specific timeframe. If you have an email list of customers that is segmented by the date they have made a purchase you can not only re-target individuals that have not made another purchase.

These are just a few examples of the power and additional reach that advanced targeting using Custom Audiences, Website Custom Audiences, and Lookalikes enables. When you combine the powerful targeting that Facebook delivers and your own business data, the possibilities greatly expand.

Want to know more about using Custom Audiences, Website Custom Audiences, or Lookalike audiences? Contact us today to see how Nanigans Ad Engine and Facebook targeting helps leading performance-marketers achieve their business goals.

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