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How to Drive a 52% Increase in Subscribers with Facebook Advertising [Case Study]

Written by: Sandra Rand, Director of Marketing & Communications, Orion CKB

Much like the team at Nanigans has a love for whiskey, our team at OrionCKB is known for having an affinity for wine. When we had the opportunity to work with Lot18, a wine ecommerce site, we were pretty excited about the creative ways we could lend our expertise when it came to marketing such a delicious product.

While were were thrilled to hit our goals by bringing them lower CPAs and driving a higher number of subscribers, Lot18 was also able to realize a somewhat unexpected benefit to advertising on Facebook: uncovering a new, profitable customer demographic that they hadn’t identified before, which opened up a whole new way to market themselves.

How’d we do it? Armed with the optimized targeting and bidding power of the Nanigans Ad Engine, we worked with Lot18 to come up with a process that allowed us to scale up their daily ad spend through the typically competitive holiday months while maintaining their CPA goals.


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