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Introducing Multiple Product Feeds for Facebook Exchange

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

The power of Facebook Exchange (FBX) lies in one-to-one interactions with consumers. What it all boils down to is this: An individual user visits a website, and then sees contextual information about that website on Facebook in real-time. Because context is at the center of FBX retargeting, today we want to share how you can take your current advertising on FBX one step further to generate real business results.

Let’s look at two individuals shopping for new TVs – we’ll call them Steve and Mary. Steve is a 35-year-old male living in Miami, Florida and he’s looking to upgrade to a larger television. Mary just moved to Sydney, Australia and is looking for a TV for her new home. Both shoppers visit your eCommerce website and browse various models of televisions, looking at everything from reviews to specifications. At the end of their browsing sessions, they leave your site without making a purchase and log on to Facebook.

In this example both Steve and Mary will see the same, or very similar, retargeted ads on Facebook encouraging them to come back and purchase the TV they were looking at.

As marketers, retargeting offers an exciting opportunity to reach individuals with ads based on context from their browsing history. However – did you notice that Steve and Mary are in two completely different locations in the example?

TV-World-MapIn some cases it may be okay to show these two very different individuals the same ad, but there is a better way to segment visitors and display contextual ads with FBX – and you can find it within the Nanigans Ad Engine. Product Feeds, a way of automatically creating ads from a spreadsheet or a consistently refreshed location, enables you to use one or any number of feeds to create highly contextual ads that convert.

Going back to our original example – this means we could have a product feed for visitors from the United States, France, Germany, Australia or any number of other countries. Thus, any visitor from France looking at TVs would receive a relevant ad in their local language with country-specific images for the TV they viewed.

Segmenting different feeds by country is only one example of the power that multiple product feeds with Nanigans Ad Engine gives you. You can have feeds for any number of important categories to your business, such as:

People who live in cities
People who have viewed a product but did not purchase 
People who have registered but have not logged in 
People who have added an item to their cart but did not check out 

Our own Nanigans internal studies of over $1 million in eCommerce sales show that when eCommerce companies used FBX alongside the Facebook Ads API, their sales skyrocketed by 89%.  By diversifying the feeds that you have and integrating with FBX you can retarget segments of people at a more granular level and get the full benefits of advertising on Facebook.

Nanigans Ad Engine is the only advertising technology solution that enables you to utilize numerous product feeds – allowing you more flexibility and capability to achieve your marketing goals with Facebook and FBX.

Whether these feeds are automated or manually updated, you can easily integrate them in Ad Engine with two simple steps and then save time by automatically building ads and deploying them using our industry-leading Predictive Lifetime Value algorithms.

Want more information on using multiple product feeds in Ad Engine? Contact us for a demo.

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