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Bridging the Download Gap With Mobile App Ads

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Developers have it rough these days. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the App Store had topped one million apps available. This sounds like good news, but for every Flappy Bird success story, hundreds of thousands of other apps languish in obscurity. According to software analytics company New Relic, an excess of 60% of App Store offerings have never been downloaded. Take a minute and think about that statistic. Never! And here’s some more bad news: An app that has been downloaded from the App Store or Google Play is 25% likely to be used once and then never again. This outcome makes sense when you consider that of the 41 apps the average person downloads to their smartphone, only 8 are used a day.

Clearly we are dealing with a clogged market. But there is a silver lining to all this. According to mobile measurement platform Flurry, iOS and Android device users in the US spent 80% of their time on apps and 20% on browsers last year.

We see three takeaways from all these statistics:

1. Getting someone to download your app is extremely difficult.
2. Once you do get someone to download your app, the challenge is getting them to become a repeat user.
3. Repeat users spend a lot of time with the apps that win them over.

Closer examination of Flurry’s stats reveals that the time users spent on apps broke down to the following:





Social Networking

News, Productivity, Other

Combined, playing games and using Facebook claimed 50% of the time people spent using apps in 2013. The data also reflects the popularity of entertainment apps like YouTube and Netflix, utility apps like Google Maps and The Weather Channel, and other social networking channels such as Instagram and Snapchat.

A well-placed mobile app install ad or a well-timed app engagement ad can work wonders for conversion- and loyalty-focused marketing campaigns, raising the visibility of your product and increasing the likelihood of repeat visits. In Nanigans Ad Engine, you can laser focus your ads on the people most likely to purchase or download based on interests, demographics, off-Facebook activity, affinity analysis and lookalike audiences. You can also load information you’ve gathered about engagement dropoff into Facebook, allowing you to retarget one hit wonder users and encourage them to return to the fold using deep-linked call to actions like “Book Now,” “Play Game” or “Shop Now.”

With one billion+ mobile users at your fingertips, there’s no better time to push your app to the top of the pack.

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