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All About Mobile: Facebook’s f8 Developer Conference + Nanigans Mobile SDK

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

All eyes are on San Francisco as Facebook gears up for f8 on April 30th. The last time Facebook held its developer conference was September of 2011, so there’s been quite a build up to this event. Historically, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has used f8 to make big announcements about the future of Facebook. In 2011 he unveiled Open Graph and announced the revamping of the News Feed. A lot of tech folks are speculating about what’s in store for us this week.

Based on the Q1 earnings call Zuckerberg helmed with COO Sheryl Sandberg last week, it’s no surprise that the stated focus of Wednesday’s gathering is all about mobile. Here are some compelling stats from Q1:

  • 1 billion+ monthly actives on mobile
  • Nearly 55% of daily actives only connecting through mobile
  • Mobile accounted for 59% of Facebook’s advertising revenue (up 6% from Q4 of 2013)
  • App install ads on mobile have driven 350 million+ installs to date, making the ad product one of Facebook’s top performers

Zuckerberg concluded his recap of an impressive quarter with this teaser: “We see a big opportunity to continue improving the relevancy of the ads people see on and off Facebook to help mobile developers better monetize their apps and to help provide greater reach for marketers. I look forward to sharing more details next week at F8.”

As one of Facebook’s Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers, Nanigans is excited to be at and take part in f8. We will have team members on the ground at the event, and are also promoting the Nanigans mobile SDK. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, we invite you to learn more!

What is the Nanigans mobile SDK?

The Nanigans mobile SDK closes the loop on attribution. Mobile developers and marketers integrating our SDK can measure how their ad spend drives post-install events, and benefit from automatically feeding those learnings in near real-time back into automated bidding and optimization algorithms.

For example, ecommerce companies with mobile apps leverage the SDK to better understand mobile shopping behavior — measuring, attributing and optimizing their ad spend to find audiences who not just install, but who add-to-cart and purchase. Mobile game developers are similarly using the SDK to find high-value players — not just those who install within a certain CPA target, but those who become active users and make in-app purchases.

Why do mobile developers and marketers love it?

A turnkey in-app measurement solution that feeds into Nanigans ad automation platform and complements Facebook’s mobile SDK, here’s a few of the top reasons why app developers and marketers love implementing it:

  • Close the loop on attribution. No longer spend your mobile ad budgets blindly and opportunistically, and instead optimize intelligently based on downstream behavior. Feed in-app behavior in near real-time into Nanigans Ad Engine for more intelligent and automated bidding and optimization — including for return on ad spend (ROAS) and lifetime value (LTV).
  • Freedom from data fragmentation. Break away from managing multiple measurement and advertising partners, which can lead to data discrepancies and a lot of communication and partner management headaches. With Nanigans your mobile measurement and advertising data is all under one roof.
  • Powerful, flexible reporting. Report and understand audience maturity in conjunction with Ad Engine analysis tools like Cohort Analysis and Performance Analysis. This includes the ability to capture and report on events at both time of click and time of conversion, and take action on your ads right from these tools — like pausing down low performing ads and adding more budget to those that are.
  • Operating system agnostic. We will continue to support and integrate deeply with the key mobile operating systems, which currently includes IDFA support for iOS and event-level debugging on Android (more soon!).
  • Lightweight integration and hassle-free updates. Cast aside worry about slowing down your app; the Nanigans mobile SDK is only 30KB in size. You can also be sure to spend less time updating code once the SDK is integrated with over-the-air updates.

We’re excited to be a part of Facebook’s mission to help developers build, grow and monetize their way to app success with our mobile SDK, and welcome the opportunity to partner with large scale mobile app developers and marketers looking to intelligently scale their mobile advertising efforts.

Will you be at f8? Contact our team to set up a time to discuss how Nanigans’ mobile SDK can help you achieve and scale your mobile marketing objectives.

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