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Sharing Ad Campaign Reporting With Your Team Just Got Easier

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

Sharing and communicating reporting information is a crucial step in understanding how campaigns are performing across your entire team so that you can consistently strive to iterate and improve. All too often as marketers we have our own preferred versions of reports and end up with different information, making the process of evaluating campaigns and standardizing on metrics difficult.

At Nanigans we have not only made the process of gaining complete insight into the performance of your ad campaign easier, but also enabled users to create and share reports across teams so everyone always has the same information.

Want to know more? Let’s dive in to how you can easily share Performance Analysis views with your entire team.

Create Your Custom View

Within Performance Analysis it’s easy to create a custom view. To start, simply use the Attributes or Metrics tab on the top right and add the information you would like within your report view.

Performance Analysis

For example, if you wanted to create a report view to compare your top creative (images, copy, etc), simply add the image, description, and title/name into your report. In addition to adding pre-configured metrics and attributes, you can also create your own custom metrics to track things like audience saturation, cost per unique purchasing user, and more.

Share Your Report With Your Team

Once done creating your report, click the down arrow and ‘Save As’ next to the report name. You will then see a pop-up dialog like this:

Performance Analysis

From here you can give your report a custom name that the entire team will recognize it by, or if you are creating reports for a specific team you can label them using an internal structure.

After defining the name, choosing the folder is your next step. As you likely noticed in the first screenshot, there are two folders you can choose from: “My Views” and “Shared Views.” We will cover My Views at the end of this post – but for now let’s talk about Shared Views.

Sharing campaign views
When saving your team report into Shared Views, it will appear for your team members under that folder, as shown in the image to the right.

Now your entire team will have access to this report and be able to see the same information for consistent reporting and evaluation of campaigns.

Any custom formulas that you create will go along with your saved view so your team saves time configuring and calculating the metrics that you measure your business by.

In addition, if you update the report and save it again, the changes you made will automatically be applied for everyone the next time they open that report.

Ultimately this not only saves you time configuring and finding key information on campaign performance, but also ensures consistent team information and analysis.

Distribute Your Report Across Sites

If you have numerous geo-locations and sites, you can also share a report you create with everyone across your entire organization.

Once you create your report and save it in the Shared Views folder, click the checkbox for “Save a copy to additional sites.” After doing so, select from the list of sites you have access to and want to share this view with and click save.

Save as to share

Just like above, after clicking “Save,” this report will be available to your team in the different sites you identified globally. So, regardless of whether you are in one location or spread throughout the world, you can easily share standardized reporting to your entire team.

Creating a Report Just For Yourself

When creating a set of standardized reports it’s great to share them across your entire team. However, there may be some reports that you would like to see yourself and not immediately make available to your entire team.

Remember the step where we said to save the report view you wanted your entire team to see in Shared Views?

Well, in this case simply select the other folder option: My Views. If you select this option your report will only be visible to you, but will be available across any of the sites you identify so you can still view and report on your own custom information as needed.

This capability is great for distributed teams around the world — or just in different locations — that need to have standardized reporting. To get started with Ad Engine’s best-in-class reporting, request a demo.

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