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How a Leading eCommerce Retailer Scaled From 4K to 20K on Mobile – in 3 Days

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Mobile is an increasingly important market for brands in 2014. According to comScore, 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphone to shop. As online sales increasingly come from mobile, eCommerce companies are placing a big emphasis on luring customers to their native apps with Facebook mobile app install ads. To scale these efforts, savvy eCommerce companies are stepping up their creative game to ensure their ads are relevant and compelling to a variety of audiences.

Last month, the Nanigans Ad Engine helped a leading eCommerce company selling a variety of goods from clothing and shoes to home goods and accessories scale its mobile app install ad campaign from $4,000 to $20,000 a day, while keeping performance in line with their goals.


In April, a leading retailer ran a campaign in order to increase the install rates of its full-catalog shopping app — available on Android and iOS – using CPI metrics for Android, iPhone and iPad to gauge success.


  • Mobile SDK: The retailer recently installed Nanigans’ mobile SDK, which automatically feeds mobile tracking data back into campaign optimization and reveals customer lifetime value data; a key strategy for informing future campaigns.
  • Targeting: The retailer marketed to men and women via separate ad plans, using targeting sets that have worked across multiple images and creative in the past. They were also careful to separate out iOS + Android strategy groups.
  • Creative: The spring timing of the ads lent itself to colorful, eye-catching images, which the retailer paired with Facebook’s strong “Install Now” CTA. Revenue bumped up every time new creative (images, copy) was introduced into the campaign. Initially, the retailer did not adjust new creative iterations to match audience targeting.
  • Bidding & Optimization: To speed up the amount of installs, the retailer rapidly increased the amount of ad spend over a three-day period.  The higher volume enabled higher bids, which helped the eCommerce company reach its most valuable segment, iPad owners.


After a couple months of experimenting with ad spend volume, the retailer has found a good balance between pushing new creative and keeping it aligned with targeting at scale — at one point ramping from $4K to $13K to $20K. Keyword sets matched with appropriate products (example: preppy keywords with boat shoes) were a winning combination. Another creative standout? Floral patterned accessories against springtime-colored backgrounds.

For eCommerce companies with hyper-specific targeting goals, the Nanigans Ad Engine offers robust tools to scale spend and increase mobile app installs, ultimately helping to deliver an interactive level of engagement with customers and boosting product sales.

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