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Nanigans Goes Global With Facebook and the Data-Driven Marketing Alliance

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

While we here at Nanigans are known for our deep Boston roots, we’ve gone global — and so has our expertise. In addition to our established London office, we’ve added offices in Singapore and Sydney to our world map. The expansion of our staff and resources means we can share our insights with a wider range of customers and prospective partners, bringing best practices and creative tips to new markets.

Here’s what we’re up to overseas:


Nanigans SVP of Business Development Ben Tregoe and Singapore Managing Director Cyrille Even were invited to speak at a Facebook event at the ParkRoyal Hotel during the first week of May, alongside Facebook PMDs Kenshoo and Glow. Over 100+ people representing companies interested in managing advertising in-house, or those already taking the initiative on internally, were in attendance. The morning session was focused on group topics, while breakout sessions in the afternoon zeroed in on eCommerce and travel.

Our presentation covered the following:

  • Challenges particular to eCommerce clients (attribution, mobile acquisition and re-engagement)
  • Growth opportunities (mobile, custom audiences, making FBX work together with an API, product feed integration)
  • Why mastering Facebook is crucial to forming a competitive advertising advantage
  • Multi-touch attribution and moving from last click attribution
  • Who is most successful on Facebook, and why

The key takeaway? Companies that bring ad spend in-house, use the best tech, and invest the time and effort to make Facebook work for them see huge returns in ROI and LTV. Now is the time to pivot from the agency media buying model and take on ad spend as a core competency by hiring data-driven, creative marketers and ensuring close coordination with other marketing efforts and associated teams (such as sales, business development and IT).


This week, Nanigans Sydney Managing Director Simon Holt presented at an eCommerce breakout session, as part of a half-day direct response (DR) event led by Facebook staff and selected partners. Topics ranged from creative best practices and data strategy to test plans, CTA performance and cross-device approaches.

Simon shared the following information:

  • How our Ad Engine and features specifically cater to eCommerce clients
  • What metrics to focus on before and after ad campaigns
  • Best practices based on our four years of experience
  • An eCommerce case study based on rapidly scaling mobile app install ads

The event culminated in a Q&A panel where Simon and two other eCommerce experts answered moderated and audience queries.

Dublin, Paris, and Beyond

Nanigans is proud to be a founding partner of the Data-Driven Marketing Alliance (DDM); a resource and event hub for marketers, agencies and marketing automation providers to meet and network via local chapter-run seminars, workshops, master classes, and conferences to “accelerate the rapidly evolving data-driven market in Europe.”

While we’ll be participating in 15 DDM events over the next year, we’re particularly excited about our keynote at Powering Facebook Advertising & Marketing, taking place in Dublin June 19-20. Over 25 technology providers from across the globe will be discussing Facebook Exchange/Ads, Insights, Pages, Apps and more. Nanigans Managing Director, EMEA Will Ashton will be on hand to help tackle topics like targeting, creative, leveraging CRM, retargeting, optimization and mobile.

We look forward to many more appearances and partnerships with innovative marketers and technology companies around the world.

Are you interested in having Nanigans international staff speak at your event? Please email:


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