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Easily Visualize Ad Campaign Data With Performance Analysis Charts

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

Visualizing performance information is a great way to spot trends and quickly understand campaign data that you want to delve into further.

Let’s look at two marketers that run Facebook ad campaigns and how data visualization helps each of them find data in their campaigns much faster. Claude is a marketer at an eCommerce company who wants to see an overall view of how his campaign is performing. Claude will take time once every few weeks to deep-dive into his data, but every day he checks in to make small refinements as necessary. On the other hand, Stephanie, a CMO for a well-known gaming company has requested that her team report on how many app installs have been generated from their social advertising over the past year, 3 months, and 1 month.

In both Claude and Stephanie’s cases this information can be gathered, viewed and understood significantly faster using trend charts within the Nanigans Ad Engine, rather than downloading the data and building charts from it using separate software. In addition, the ability to see trend information for all social spend, a specific campaign, or an individual placement would give both Claude and Stephanie the tools they need to evaluate every aspect of their social advertising.


In particular, the Charts tab within Performance Analysis delivers:

  1. The ability to easily visualize performance marketing data
  2. Overall and granular trends, from total social spend to an individual placement
  3. Configurable, sharable reports that team members can use to ensure everyone is in sync on campaign performance

Easily visualize performance marketing data

Charts can be added or removed from Performance Analysis with the click of a button. Once added, a chart will automatically display your most recent data based on settings you have already configured – such as time window and metrics you want to view.

Based on your preferences you can view individual details within the chart or an overall summary of the data within your report.

In addition, if you use Custom Formulas along with many leading Facebook advertisers you can graph the custom information that matters the most to you – such as profit based on yield, or effective CPA.

See overall and granular trends

Performance Analysis delivers the capability to look at granular ad information and filter/sort by information that is important to you. For example – if you only want to see placements that have achieved a >2% CTR you can simply filter on that metric to see top-performing ads. In another example, if you want to see how two placements generated earnings per thousand impressions (effective CPM, or eCPM) you can compare which placement performed better and generated more revenue.


Share key campaign performance reports with team members

Sharing campaign performance data with your team just became easier, and more transparent. Using Performance Analysis you can not only get your entire team on the same page, but using the same information and same visualizations to report on campaign performance.


Within your organization this encourages effective communication and campaign performance circulation between marketers and analysts, all the way to executives.

Charts not only delivers data visualization that helps marketers quickly understand campaign performance; it also increases ease of reporting and communication with internal teams across the organization. When you combine these benefits with the ability to take immediate action from Performance Analysis, you have a winning combination that enables marketers to make the most of their social advertising.


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