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Marketing Moneyball: Why In-House Advertising Changes Everything [eBook]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

In case you missed it, last week we announced our sharpened focus on the Nanigans blog. As our CEO Ric Calvillo explained to AdExchanger, we are now focusing solely on our SaaS platform and how it can help in-house advertisers meet and exceed user acquisition and re-engagement goals.

We know that skilled in-house marketers make the best operators of our automated media buying software because they can incorporate customer touch points, keen data insights, industry expertise and creative testing into their ad campaigns.

Today we launch our first eBook on the subject, titled “Marketing Moneyball: Why In-House Advertising Changes Everything.” Inside, we discuss how in-house marketing is taking off in the digital advertising world, and how cost, control, expertise, speed and transparency are major factors in its increasing adoption amongst eCommerce, gaming and pure play Internet companies.

This ebook will help guide your understanding of the in-house advertising movement and the benefits and competitive advantages of taking digital advertising in-house for your own company.

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