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Nanigans Heads to’s Mobile User Acquisition Unlocked Event

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

We were thrilled when Jay Weintraub, Founder of got in touch with Nanigans about participating in this year’s Mobile User Acquisition Unlocked Conference. Why were we so excited? is the first conference of its kind, solely focused on customer acquisition and retention — two of Nanigans’ core focuses. describes their Mobile Acquisition Unlocked Conference as “THE event where app marketers can learn the best strategies and tactics for app acquisition and retention,” and warns attendees this will not be an event (that we’ve seen time and time again) with vague topics like “The Future of Mobile.”

The focus of Mobile Unlocked resonated with us so much that we decided this would be the perfect opportunity for Nanigans to share the message of the in-house advertising movement with the brightest minds in customer acquisition and retention. Our team worked with to come up with the panel “Managed vs. Self-Service: The Decisions Behind Why Marketers Use In-house Teams Versus Agencies.”

What can you expect from this morning’s panel? Our VP of Customer Success, John Dobrowolski will be joined on stage with Moody Glasgow, EA’s VP of Acquisition Marketing, Reid Benson, Netflix’s Manager of Paid Social Marketing, North America and Matthew Snyder, Zappos’ Social Media Advertising Manager to talk about the pros and cons of in-house advertising teams versus agencies.

Here are some of the questions John will be discussing with the panelists:

  • What are the advantages of taking media-buying in-house? What are the disadvantages?
  • How do your advertising goals impact bringing media buying in-house?
  • If an organization is considering taking media-buying in house, what should it look at first?
  • What is the pedigree for great in-house talent?

The goal of the panel is really to foster a discussion around the value prop of an agency versus that of in-house teams. At Nanigans, our belief stands with the in-house advertiser, but we’re looking forward to hearing different opinions from the panelists and conference attendees.

The in-house vs. managed panel is one of many great panels on Mobile Acquisition Unlocked’s stacked agenda. Two other sessions in particular that piqued our interest were: “Optimization Tactics for Maximizing Lifetime Value,” and “Retention — Under the Covers at Hinge.”

If you’re in town for the conference, please stop by our table during Wednesday’s lunch (we’ll be giving out drink Koozies!). We will have a team on the ground representing Nanigans; they’re all eager to talk to you about in-house advertising and performance marketing. Please email us if you would like to set up a meeting on-site or follow up with us after the event.

To all the attendees: Enjoy the conference and Vegas! We look forward to meeting you.

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