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Leverage Conversion Events Using Behavioral Audience Retargeting

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

One of the mainstays of retargeting is showing a visitor relevant content based on their visit history. This relevance is the key to conversion and why so many advertisers strongly incorporate retargeting into their advertising mix. Retargeting not only captures intent and interest, but triggers relevant content at just the right time. Many retargeting groups are created around a visitor’s browsing history, such as “visited specific product page within the last 21 days.” As a result, next time that user logs on to Facebook they may be served an ad for that specific item, or at least within that same category of items.

However, this level of retargeting ignores what truly happened once the visitor landed on that product page and what they truly may have been interested in. For example, let’s say you run an eCommerce store selling running sneakers and want to increase average order values by enticing visitors to purchase additional accessories.

If you have tracking pixels implemented or are using Website Custom Audiences, you can easily retarget visitors to your sneaker webpage that have converted to make a purchase. You can also become more granular and create a retargeting audience just to target high-value customers that have spent over a specific dollar amount. But in our example, we want to create an audience around people that have not added any accessories to their cart and also that have not checked out.

Using Automated Custom Audiences with Behavioral Rules from Nanigans, you can easily implement a custom conversion event and build audiences around what event has not been triggered (i.e. when a visitor has not added an item to a cart). As a result, you can draw shoppers interested in sneaker accessories back to your store and incentivize them to add new laces, cleaning supplies, a shoe rack, or any other accessory to their cart as well.

This allows you to create a more finely targeted audience based on not only the page they have visited, but also what they did on the actual page. Using Nanigans Custom Audiences for retargeting has been shown to drive over 5X more revenue by achieving higher CTRs and reducing overall CPCs.

Want to achieve more relevance in your retargeting? We’ll cover how to create behavioral rule-based retargeting in the rest of this post.

Before getting started, ensure that you are passing hashed email addresses in the ut1 parameter to Nanigans via your tracking integration. Once done, ensure that the creation of Automated Custom Audiences is enabled.

After performing the initial steps, create a new Custom Audience within Ad Engine directly from the Tools menu:

Nanigans create new Custom Audience

Next, define the name and description for your behavioral audience. We recommend using descriptive terms so each behavioral audience is easily recognizable when you come back to it.

Nanigans Custom Audiences

Finally, define the rules for the audience you would like to create and retarget. Using our example above we are capturing anyone here that has made a purchase within the past 14 days and has spent at least $150 dollars.

Nanigans Custom Audiences

Want to reach your potential customers in a new way? Reach out for more information about Nanigans Ad Engine.

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