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What is Nanigans?

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Last month, Ad Age ran a poll titled “What’s the Worst Name in Ad Tech?” We were honored to be nominated, and disappointed to come in third place. We get “What is Nanigans?” all the time from friends and family. It’s a silly name, true, but also memorable, and not likely to be confused with the “Data,” “Ad” and “Media” names crowding the digital advertising space.

There’s no B.S. here. Work matters, results matter and titles and seniority matter a lot less – we’re team oriented and thinkers from the top down.

While our sense of humor is obvious, we’re also incredibly serious about our software and our mission to arm the in-house advertiser with cutting edge tools and the knowledge to use them effectively. As one of Facebook’s only Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers with access to the native Facebook Ads API on desktop and mobile, as well as Facebook Exchange (FBX), we feel a responsibility to provide superior customer value and data transparency to our customers — just a few of the benefits we’ve found come hand-in-hand with the adoption of ad automation software. Here’s a look at some of our achievements since we launched in 2010:

Nanigans By the Numbers


Nanigans by the Numbers


Although we’ve grown an incredible amount in the last fours years, adding offices in Singapore, Sydney and London, we remain dedicated to our roots as a Boston tech company, partnering with our downtown neighbors at Startup Institute to educate the next generation of digital marketers. And despite our rapid expansion to a 150+ person company, we still take the time to get to know each other. Our softball team is comprised of engineers, data scientists, marketers and campaign managers; despite our varying degrees of skill, we always cheer each other on. Our office holds Two Truths and a Lie nights for new hires, where we learn about childhood talents, strange allergies and six degrees with celebrities. Our quarterly All-Hands meetings keep all teams in the loop and in communication with each other. Sometimes we sit on the floor.

Nanigans softball

So, What is Nanigans?

  • An environment where you can take on fascinating challenges like spending $1 million a day on Facebook
  • An office with an engineering breakout room named Zuul
  • An opportunity to take on complex data and convert it to a sophisticated but user-friendly interface
  • A place for innovative, passionate people to work on projects that impact 1.23 billion people
  • A chance to expand beyond your comfort zone
  • Where you just might find your tribe.

We don’t have co-workers, we have friends. Everyone genuinely enjoys each other’s company, has fun together and wants to hang out. The bonus is getting to come to work every day with them.

Interested in joining our team?

Check out Nanigans At A Glance, then head on over to our Jobs Page.

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