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Software as a Service: Not Another Acronym

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

A lot goes on behind the scenes at a Software as a Service company. On the surface, it could be tempting to think that clients are just handed the keys (aka, a login) and left to figure out what all the pedals and buttons do. Ever since our “shift to SaaS” announcement in AdExchanger, we’ve been hard at work boosting the out-of-the-box usability of our platform and triple-checking that our product aligns with client needs, now and in the future. But our sharpened focus on the software is by no means a replacement for resources, human and otherwise. We understand that the world of ad automation and real-time bidding is complex, and it’s our mission to make in-house marketers comfortable in the driver’s seat.

Here’s a glimpse into our client onboarding process, training tools, and ongoing customer service.

TrainingHands-On Training With a Personal Touch

Nanigans assigns an account manager to each new client.  Their ongoing role is to provide platform support via phone calls and email, to answer questions and supply business strategy when needed. During initial ramp-up, we run two 2-hour sessions to familiarize end users with the components of our platform and make sure they understand how to achieve their unique business goals using various Ad Engine tools, from Website Custom Audiences to Cohort Analysis. We also cover reporting methods, and how to evaluate campaigns day to day.

Since four hours only brushes the surface of Ad Engine’s capabilities, it’s the account manager’s job to provide continuing education based on goals that the client communicates over time. For the first two weeks, most clients opt for a daily call and QA session. Since customer success is our primary concern, we will periodically audit campaigns to identify where different tactics might be employed, as well as make recommendations based on data findings. Occasionally we will pull in our analytics or optimization teams if we require additional insight into a problem or challenge.

CommunicationsIn the Loop Communications

Account managers are routinely in touch with clients once the formal training period is over, in order to check in and receive feedback. Because our SaaS focus means we are continually improving Ad Engine with updates and feature releases, our product team is also part of the communications loop. In the interest of keeping clients informed and prepared to take advantage of rollouts, we send out weekly or bi-weekly updates about what’s in the pipeline and when it will launch. Our account managers and sales team take new feature feedback and requests very seriously, forwarding all inquiries to the product team for evaluation.

ResourcesAlways-On Resources

To cater to customers around the globe, we’ve built up an online training database containing video tutorials like Facebook Marketing 101, Concepts Behind Ad Engine, Value-Based Bidding and High-Level Reporting. To keep current and prospective customers in the know about new features and how they are being used, we frequently share blog posts highlighting examples and best practices for using the platform.

Here are a few of our latest updates:

It’s important to note that our onboarding process is extremely flexible because every client defines success differently. Companies who have recently taken their marketing in-house often require extra customer service because they’ve hired someone specifically to leverage all our capabilities and constantly ask questions about how campaigns can be improved. Companies with experienced paid marketing directors at the helm may prefer to opt out of weekly calls and emails, requiring less support. Whatever the case may be, we are at the ready to train, teach, test, advise — and most importantly, listen.


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