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How to Find & Hire In-House Advertising Talent

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Once you’ve successfully argued the case for handling digital ad campaigns in-house, where do you go to find the right talent? Hiring someone to manage your company’s user acquisition and retention campaigns can be tough. The ideal paid marketing manager is an elusive mix of logical and innovative, cool-headed when it comes to handling thousands of dollars in daily spend and genuinely excited about diving into analytics. As eMarketer reports, direct response advertising has taken over the majority of digital ad spend, boosting the necessity of data-driven marketing. Intuition is no longer the most important trait to look for in a marketer— but being able to tell a story using data is.

Someone with the right balance of logic and creativity will be able to interpret and take action on reporting, constantly asking, “What if we tried…” and looking to the data for answers, achieving high ROI through logic and testing. It all boils down to this formula:


With executive buy-in paving the way, the key to in-house advertising success is assembling a great team—which could mean one skilled operator leveraging your advertising automation software, or several. Whether you’re looking for a jack of all trades or several people to divide tasks between strategy, optimization, user acquisition and retargeting, here are a few ways to identify a strong candidate and double-check that his or her skills match your needs.

1. Search LinkedIn for the following keywords and job titles:


User acquisition
Performance marketing
Affiliate marketing
Pixel integration

Programmatic buying/RTB
Search and social
Analytics/big data
Campaign Manager
Paid Marketing Manager

Marketing Analyst
Director of UA
Ad Operations Specialist
Director of Programmatic Ad Operations
Digital Media Coordinator

2. Share a job posting on digital or technically relevant websites:




3. Once you’ve identified promising candidates, here are some sample questions to ask:

  • What is your educational background and experience with marketing data?
  • Tell me about why you’re interested in customer acquisition and remarketing.
  • What are the differences between CPC, CPM, and CPA?
  • What advertising platform(s) are you familiar with?
  • Do you have experience working with data scientists/graphic designers?
  • What volume of ad spend you have handled in the past?
  • What do you think the KPIs are for our business?
  • If a campaign isn’t performing well, what metrics would you look at and what would you test?
  • Tell me about a direct response campaign you’ve run and what the outcome was.

Once you’ve found the right online marketing manager(s), the next step is to select the software that best suits the needs of your company and its business objectives. While the CMO is responsible for any final decision, the campaign manager will be the daily end user, so ideally your new hire and your CMO will team up to research and test drive various options.

Not sure what to look for in your ad automaton software? Read Chapter 1 of our free eBook, Building a Foundation For In-House Advertising Success.


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