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Marketing to Moms & Millennials: A Back to School Guide [eBook]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

According to a Google/Ipsos Research study conducted in 2013, the majority of students and parents begin researching potential purchases by the end of July. If you haven’t yet launched your back to school campaigns (or yours could use a creative refresh), there’s good news: Deloitte’s annual back-to-school shopping survey revealed that over 25% of parents plan to finish their shopping after the start of the school year. With Labor Day weekend a couple weeks away, now is the perfect time to assess your seasonal advertising approach.

In this eBook, we provide best practices for putting together and running social media ad campaigns targeting millennials, moms, and other high-volume fall shoppers.

What’s inside:

  • A look back at last year’s back to school sales and predictions for this year
  • Current statistics that reflect back to school shopping behavior
  • Creative best practices from Nanigans’ Senior Ecommerce Designer
  • Targeting tactics based on personas

Download the eBook

As Labor Day approaches, now is the time to reach last-minute purchasers and deal seekers through refreshed creative and new campaigns.


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