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Facebook Advertising Basics: User Acquisition [SlideShare]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Last week, Nanigans eCommerce Business Lead Carly Rogers gave a presentation at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. The audience was comprised of students beginning to pitch their fledgling startups to customers, so her talk focused on the basic tenets of real-time bidding via social media marketing:

  • Defining a customer audience
  • Targeting the right demographics
  • Picking relevant bid types
  • Combining creative elements such as images with a compelling call to action to spur email signups and purchases

Although Carly’s slideshow was meant for advertising beginners, it lays the foundations for more complex marketing initiatives and serves as a reminder that user acquisition campaigns can also be used as a litmus test for new products and services. For tips on audience segmentation, Facebook ad units, and creative relevancy, check out “Leveraging Facebook to Acquire New Customers” on SlideShare:

Why Facebook?

  • 1.32B monthly active users (20% of the world population)
  • 829M daily active users
  • 1.07B mobile monthly active users
  • 92% of social marketers use this highly effective advertising channel

Case Study: Mobile Travel Company

Acquire new customers who would download their travel app and ultimately use it to book rooms

Combine Facebook’s News Feed mobile app install ads with powerful targeting aimed at iOS users with interests such as “travelers,” “parents” and “golf.”

10X higher click-to-install rate from mobile app install ads compared to standard mobile banner ads
30% lower cost per install in key markets

Case Study: Leading Online Retailer

Find new shoppers like their best shoppers

Use lookalike audiences modeled after their most loyal customers to increase new customer base during the competitive holiday season

4X higher return on ad spend compared to other display ad channels
60% higher CTR using Facebook lookalikes over other display media
A top performing channel for new customer acquisition during the holidays


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