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Measure All Your Facebook Ad Campaign Data In One Place

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

Getting multiple data sources to play nicely is a challenge that nearly all marketers face on a daily basis. According to eConsultancy, an independent research and media company, 72% of marketers recently surveyed found that data fragmentation was an obstacle to achieving a single customer view. Whether it’s evaluating web analytics data in Excel, or trying to compare campaign data across platforms, there has never been one easy way to combine and analyze all of your data – until now.

At Nanigans, we’ve taken the complexity out of combined reporting and built a business intelligence solution directly within Ad Engine.

Combined with the ability to import Facebook Ad Account data into Performance Analysis, in-house marketers can now analyze Facebook ad campaign data in one location and one interface using the most powerful reporting in social advertising. Importing all of your Facebook ad account data into Performance Analysis means you never have to worry about:

  • Manually downloading ad data and comparing across spreadsheets
  • Creating Excel pivot tables or normalizing data for comparison

  • Writing Excel formulas
  • Requesting technical resources to integrate data

Let’s explore a few of the benefits of Facebook Ad Account Import more deeply:

One sleek interface

Think about the last time you tried to find specific information in a new tool, and how long it took. At Nanigans, we’re focused on UX principles that make our product interface easy to understand and interact with. After learning a little about Ad Engine and Performance Analysis, you can incorporate that knowledge into reporting and analytics across all of your Facebook advertising.

One home location

Logging into, switching between and copy/pasting data from multiple tools not only wastes time; it also introduces a high possibility of human error and software incompatibility. Keeping your information in one place and in one format makes it easier for you to analyze and optimize campaigns using all the facts at your disposal.

Consistent reporting

Once you sync your Facebook ad account with Ad Engine, Performance Analysis will automatically keep Ad Engine up to date with any ad data run using Power Editor or Ads Manager. As a result, you can eliminate manual reporting (although the option is always available in Ad Engine to download data to Excel if you desire) and constant data updates.

No technical knowledge needed

Performance Analysis is used every day by in-house advertisers at leading online organizations. You do not need special knowledge of SQL or APIs to see how your previous or current ad campaigns have performed. Instead, you can use data visualizations and table-style layout within Performance Analysis to get a quick snapshot or dive deep into campaign data. Want to get started integrating your Facebook ad account data? If you are a current Nanigans client, ask your account rep to set you up. If you’re interested in learning more about Ad Engine in general, contact us today.

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