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Maximize Your Ad ROI With Creative Tester

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Smart marketers understand that they don’t know everything, and work tirelessly to figure out what makes their customers tick. Testing out new creative, calls to action, ad types and brand messaging on social media is an excellent way to gauge consumer behavior, but iterating hundreds of ads takes up a lot of time and money. To speed up the process, we’ve come up with a simple yet brilliant solution that we like to call Creative Tester.


Not sure which advertising images and copy will have the most impact on your target audience? We’re taking trial and error off the table. Creative Tester is an automated solution for identifying your highest-performing ads quickly and efficiently. You set the parameters for how much data you need to feel confident that an ad is “the best,” and Ad Engine will promote your best creative combinations automatically — while at the same time pausing down lower performers so you don’t waste budget.

Running only your most successful ads will maximize your return on investment, and taking note of your most successful ads will help you optimize future campaigns. At the end of the day, you’ll have deeper insight into what resonates with your customers, and more money to invest in what you know works.

Ad Engine Creative Tester

Four easy steps, one major impact

Creative Tester was designed to automate the testing process, so you define the parameters upfront and then let Ad Engine do all the heavy lifting.

Here’s how it works:

1. Identify the number of ads you want to test at a time, and how many “winning” ads you would like to run.

If you’re running 100 ads, and you enter 10 in the ‘Number of ads tested at a time’ field and 5 in the ‘Number of winning ads’ field, then Creative Tester will begin testing the first 10 ads, pausing the other 90 until it’s their turn to be tested. The 5 best performing ads of the 10 being tested will continue to run unless they are replaced by higher performing ads revealed within the remaining set of 90.

2. Select a performance metric that Creative Tester will use to judge ad performance. You can choose from CPA1, CPA2, CTR or CPC.

Once your initial ads gain traction, you can focus more on a core campaign or business objective. For example: You may have initially selected CTR as your performance metric for evaluating ads  in Creative Tester. However, once your most engaging ads have been identified, you can switch to a CPA metric to get additional information about which ads prompt the highest rate of conversions.

3. Assign the order that you would like your ads to be tested (either first pushed, first tested; or last pushed, first tested).

Is this a brand new campaign? Picking first pushed, first tested will ensure that the first ad to be pushed will be the first tested and compared against all subsequent ads pushed. Are you pushing more ads while a campaign is already running? Use the last pushed, first tested option to test the most recently pushed ad first against ones that are already running. This gives all ads a fair chance, because you’re testing the most recently pushed ads and comparing them against others pushed earlier.

4. Pick the amount of data you require to feel confident that an ad is performing well, or underperforming. This will determine how quickly our algorithm cycles through testing.

In conclusion, Creative Tester enables you to:

  • Identify your best ads, fast
  • Automatically promote top performers and pause down the rest
  • Maximize the metrics you care about

Want to learn more about Ad Engine’s powerful ad automation capabilities? Get in touch with us today.

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