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Action! How to Choose the Video Ad That’s Right for You

Written by: Mike Lamy, Director, Corporate Marketing

Thanks to the viral phenomenon of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, your Facebook News Feed has likely been full of endlessly engaging video content over the past couple months. But everyday activists aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this medium to inspire action; marketers have been experimenting with video ads too.

Fast Forward on Video Ad Potential

eMarketer US Digital Video Ad SpendeMarketer projects that digital video ad spending in the US will steadily increase over the next several years, reaching $12.27 billion (or 15.5% of total digital ad spend) in 2018. The video advertising world is evolving fast, and key leaders in the space are making moves to position themselves to capitalize on the opportunity. Facebook’s recent $400-500M acquisition of video ad tech startup LiveRail signals a vote of confidence in video advertising and a significant investment in making the medium work for both advertisers and consumers.

On Facebook, marketers have begun experimenting with Premium Video Ads and new expanded video capabilities to improve targeting, optimization, and engagement across desktop and mobile ad channels.

Video ads offer something that standard link or photo ads cannot: a highly engaging storytelling vehicle that customers can both see and hear. But what are your best options as an advertiser, and how can you align your marketing objective with the optimal video ad format?

Mobile App Install Video Ads

For gaming and other mobile app developers, using mobile app install ads is a proven tactic to acquire new customers and scale a mobile userbase across iOS and Android. Mobile app install ads appear right in the Facebook mobile News Feed, where large image creative, customizable CTA buttons, and a smooth app store download process can help drive new app installs at scale.


Mobile app install ads with video open up the possibility for game developers to showcase immersive in-game footage. Advertisers can offer Facebook mobile users a taste of the app’s graphics and gameplay before they even tap to install. Even non-gaming mobile-first advertisers—from travel to ecommerce to productivity—may find that video is an ideal medium for highlighting the value of an app and driving new user installs.

Page Post Video Ads

Bud-Light-Video-AdUnpublished page posts are one of the most popular ad types on Facebook. Deliverable on either desktop (in the News Feed and on the right-hand side) or mobile, these ads feature space for large creative. This prime visual real estate can be used to compel users to click off of Facebook to convert by making a purchase, signing up for a free trial, learning about your product, and more.

Video introduces a dynamic new way to share the value your product or service offers customers. This ad format is best suited for campaigns with a primary goal of getting customers to watch your video, which may often be integrated into a larger omnichannel campaign.

For ecommerce advertisers, let your video show your product in action. And for brand advertisers, there is no other ad type that offers a comparable open canvas to tell your story.

How Are You Leveraging Video Ads?

The addition of video ads to the performance marketer’s arsenal is relatively recent, so advertisers on both the direct response and brand side of the spectrum are testing video as a new way to achieve campaign goals.

Leaders in the social and mobile advertising ecosystem are always innovating and finding ways to better reach customers with relevant messages. When it comes to making the most of the latest tools available, it’s up to you to evaluate your options, align tactics with strategy, make a plan, and press play.

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