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Southeast Asian Ecommerce Company Sees 819% Yield Value with Nanigans Creative Tester

Written by: Julia Zhou, Account Director

In 2014, Nanigans opened two new offices in Singapore and Sydney, Australia. These strategic locations not only bring us closer to our international clients, but they provide us with an inside perspective on emerging digital markets. We are proud to partner with several well-respected ecommerce companies in Southeast Asia, and have been extremely pleased with early advertising campaign results.

One Facebook campaign in particular stands out as having over delivered on yield revenue and click- through rates, bringing in return customers as well as valuable new shoppers. Here is how an online retailer achieved and maintained a yield value more than 2X higher than their initial goal using the Nanigans Creative Tester tool, an automated method of optimizing ads and ROI using customer- defined metrics.

The Goal

In June and July of 2014 we partnered with a Southeast Asian ecommerce company to launch an evergreen re- engagement campaign, with the goal of achieving a 400% return on ad spend.

The Strategy

The Facebook advertising campaign targeted Custom Audiences (registered members of the retailer’s gated online site), both male and female, from ages 18 and up. Using unpublished page post (UPP) link ads on desktop and right hand side ads, the retailer retargeted previous purchasers as well as non-buyers.  
The ecommerce company’s creative team had a lot of ideas for images and copy to use, from standalone bags, purses and wallets to images of collections. Potential calls to action ranged from emphasis on discount sales and exclusive incentives for return shoppers to the availability of many different brand names and free shipping. Because this was a re-engagement campaign, copy also focused on “welcome back” and “don’t miss out” themes.


The Creative Tester tool in Nanigans Ad Engine allowed the ecommerce team to quickly and efficiently identify their most effective images and copy concepts, narrowing nearly 300 ads down to the most engaging creative combinations. Using “Budget As Needed” and “Automated Bidding” algorithms, Ad Engine automatically paused down lower performing ads and shifted budget to top performers to ensure the most engaging ads were shown to the client’s most valuable customers.

The Results

The Nanigans Creative Tester tool identified ads with multiple brand name products and pops of bright color as top performers, alongside sales offers with specific percentages off. The online retailer found that UPP desktop News Feed link ads delivered significantly higher yield than ads on the right hand side. Buyer Custom Audiences outperformed non-buyer audience targeting by more than 5X, with women ages 18-24 most likely to purchase. Use of Nanigans automated features led to a maintained campaign yield value of 819%—more than double the target goal—and delivery of 25 million impressions. As this is an ongoing campaign, we look forward to the continued success of the client in attracting repeat and new buyers.

Are you interested in putting Nanigans Creative Tester to work for your business? Contact us today to learn how your in-house team can leverage Nanigans Ad Engine to achieve your campaign ROI goals at scale.

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