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Facebook Advertising For Beginners: Best of Bundle

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Nanigans may have a silly name, but we’re serious about our automated advertising solutions. Ad Engine is sophisticated software that delivers over one billion impressions a day backed by a complex bidding algorithm and predictive lifetime value tools. When it comes to strategy, our account managers have years of experience in setting up, testing and optimizing direct response campaigns on social media. However, they all started out as beginners at one point — and the world of advertising technology moves quickly. To get fledgling performance marketers up to speed on the state of real-time bidding and ad targeting on Facebook, we’ve put together a Best Of guide based on our top-performing content.

Without further ado:

Nanigans creative resourceGetting Creative: The Secret to Facebook Advertising Success [eBook]

Audience targeting is only half the battle when it comes to advertising on Facebook and other social channels; the other half is the right combination of creative elements, including copy and images, calls to action and landing pages. From branding tips to testing strategies, this eBook is a definitive guide to putting together highly effective social media campaigns. As a bonus, Chapter 2 breaks down best practices for gaming and eCommerce companies.

Nanigans targeting resourceInsider’s Guide to Retargeting With Facebook Exchange [eBook]

In 2014, real-time bidding ad exchanges have really taken off, in part because of mobile’s undeniable impact on customer behavior. Facebook Exchange (FBX) has been a pioneer in the ad exchange marketplace since 2012, and is still a go-to resource for marketers looking to encourage downstream actions like downloads and purchases. This eBook explains the basics of FBX, how it differs from other exchanges, and how you can use it to get the most out of your retargeting campaigns.

Nanigans creative resourceFacebook Ad Types Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Facebook’s ad units are constantly changing in response to advertiser demand, and cross-referencing the specifications for text and image sizing takes time. As a shortcut, we’ve put together an up-to-date cheat sheet of Facebook’s desktop and mobile ad products, including tips and tricks based on campaign performance.

Nanigans optimization resourceHow to Drive Installs for $1 with Facebook Mobile Ads [Case Study]

Successful marketing involves a lot of testing and iteration, but the outcome — understanding who your most valuable customers are and how to interact with them — is well worth the effort. This case study focuses on how Nanigans can be used to identify the right audience and achieve a high return on ad spend in order to ultimately scale advertising campaigns.

Nanigans targeting resourceFacebook Bid Types: Maximizing Effective Reach [Blog]

Facebook bid types range from Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) to optimized CPM (oCPM) and Cost Per Action (CPA). But what do these terms mean exactly, and how do they impact who sees your ads? In this blog post, Nanigans Team Lead Erik Mansur discusses how your bidding strategy affects the Effective Reach of your campaigns.

Nanigans optimization resourceFacebook Advertising Basics: User Acquisition [SlideShare]

Attracting new users is an ongoing goal for most businesses, and Facebook is the perfect playground to test out user acquisition campaigns. This comprehensive presentation covers social media’s targeting capabilities, ad units, bid types by goal and creative best practices to get you started using Facebook’s basic features.

Is there an additional subject you would like to see covered on this list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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