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Facebook Advertising: Moving from 3rd Party Managed Services to In-House [Case Study]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

An ecommerce company selling a variety of goods began advertising on Facebook with an outside managed services provider, spending $1,000 each day in their host country. Gradually the company became comfortable with the channel, and the strategies that enabled them to meet their customer acquisition goals – specifically, Custom Audiences and Lookalikes paired with relevant keyword sets. This confidence empowered the company to grow their spend to $8,000 daily while meeting their performance goals.

Their early success proved Facebook as a channel, so much so that the ecommerce company decided to hire a digital marketing expert to manage advertising in-house. Now up to speed on Nanigans ad automation software — and with the money they saved on third party campaign management premiums — the company has expanded and scaled their Facebook advertising efforts in 8 different countries, with paid social performance on par with the performance they see on search.

This ecommerce company attributes its success on Facebook to their in-house advertising transition — and several factors in particular:

1. A keen understanding of their customers

The ecommerce company’s target audience is small businesses. While these customers are willing to pay a premium for the company’s products over competing products, they are also influenced by sales. The company sees its strongest ad performance during these sales, and runs them two to three times per quarter. Campaigns that align with holidays are equally successful. Controlling advertising in-house has allowed the company to better cater to these different buying cycles and personas.

2. Constant testing and reaction time

The sales this ecommerce company runs are typically 10-15% off. The images and copy stress that this is a limited time offer, and strong CTAs help boost the sense of urgency. Over its time partnering with Nanigans analysts and software specialists, the client has seen an improvement in metrics across the board including CTR, pageviews, and purchase rates. In-house advertising is especially suited for time-sensitive campaigns that require quick bid strategy adjustments and relevant messaging.

3. Great talent

The client’s dedicated marketing manager has been in place for over a year. He heads up all of the company’s multi-million dollar annual budget on Facebook, spending 80% of his day in Nanigans software, focusing mostly on new customer acquisition. Additionally, the company has recently hired a head of CRM who manages email promotions and customer referrals. Hiring employees who have a history with performance advertising and analytics-driven campaigns ensured the company had a qualified staff eager to master their target audience.

4. Investment in partnerships

The Marketing Manager’s relationship with Nanigans is based on continuous learning—we help him set up strategy, provide best practices for new ad types and keep him updated on Facebook and Nanigans features that will help him optimize campaigns. In return, he asks questions that help us improve our product. He advocates for Facebook as a primary advertising focus and has requested an increase in ad spend drawn from other, lower-performing advertising channels. The exchange of ideas, questions and feedback ensures both parties are maximizing use of the software and the business partnership.

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