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Mobile Advertising in the News

Written by: Collin Burke, Content Marketing Intern

Business Insider Graph

These days, marketers are well aware of mobile advertising’s rapid growth. New data from Business Insider shows that mobile is the fastest growing ad format, hands down. Check out the graph to the right to see how revenue from mobile advertising is forecasted to stack up against non-mobile in the coming years.

While almost all digital marketers are catching on to this shift, very few know how to gauge the success of mobile advertising campaigns. A recent report from eMarketer sheds light on this problem. Digital marketers are spending more on mobile ad campaigns, yet they’re struggling to measure ROI.

June 2014 Study on Digital Marketers Worldwide

Increased their mobile ad budget in 2014

Very confident in their ability to measure mobile ad ROI

Are you curious about where mobile advertising is headed? Take a look at what others are saying about the direction of mobile advertising:

VentureBeat, “Facebook will beat Google in a year in mobile ads, says Opera Mediaworks chief”

The CEO of Opera Mediaworks has his eyes on Facebook, watching for the social network to pass Google as top dog in mobile advertising revenue within two years. Facebook is already number one in the display market, with Google lagging behind in mobile traffic.

MediaPost, “Mobile Said To Take Budget From Print, TV”

Marketers are realizing the potential of mobile advertising and, subsequently, increasing mobile ad spend. According to a recent Mobile Advertising Report, marketers will cut back their budgets for print, TV, and digital display media in favor of mobile.

Marketing Land, “Mobile & Social Ads Power First-Half US Digital Revenues Of $23B [IAB]”

The IAB’s new report on Internet advertising revenue reveals 76% YOY growth of mobile advertising revenue through the first half of 2014. Mobile advertising revenue shot up from $3 billion halfway through 2013 to $5.3 billion halfway through 2014, passing banner ad revenue in the process.

Mobile Marketer, “Projected mobile ad-spend surge seen spurring hunt for opportunities”

As the mobile advertising industry continues to skyrocket, marketers are rethinking their strategies. Even the most data-driven marketers are still figuring out the complicated technology behind mobile. Marketers are challenging themselves to dig deeper into their analyses, so they can avoid missed opportunities and pinpoint where improvements can be made.

New York Business Journal, “Vice CEO Shane Smith: Making money off mobile still a puzzle”

According to the CEO of Vice, mobile is both the Holy Grail and the Wild West of the advertising world. Everyone is searching for ways to monetize mobile advertising efforts, but not many know how.

At Nanigans, we understand the importance of measuring the ROI of mobile ad campaigns. Our Ad Engine harnesses the power of Predictive Lifetime Value to improve ROI over the long term. We empower the in-house marketer to run mobile ad campaigns with confidence. If you’re one the 82% of marketers who isn’t very confident in their ability to measure mobile ad ROI, contact us today.

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