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Recap: Facebook’s Q3 2014 Earnings Call

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

All eyes (and ears) were on Facebook as the social media network announced its Q3 2014 earnings to investors after the market closed last night. CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg had a lot to celebrate, as Facebook’s stock recently hit an all-time high of $80 and its mobile base has grown nearly 40% YoY. However, they were careful to emphasize long-term goals over 3, 5 and 10 years, as well as slow product releases and iterations, continuing to reflect a more mature approach to business development.

For key stats and takeaways from the call, read on.

Stats and Facts

Facebook Daily Active Users Q3 2014


  • The Facebook community is comprised of 1.35 billion monthly active users
  • 1.12 billion people visited Facebook each month on mobile
  • WhatsApp has 600 million monthly active users and connects connects 1 billion people around the world
  • Hundreds of app developers are using App Links to reach 3 billion destinations across the web


  • Approximately 700 million members use Facebook Groups every month
  • Globally, people are spending 21 minutes a day on average using the Instagram app
  • In Q3, there were more than one billion interactions every week between public figures and their fans
  • Facebook gets 1 billion native video views a day

Facebook Q3 2014 revenue


  • Facebook Audience Network now allows over 1.5 million advertisers and developers to extend their reach into the mobile app ecosystem
  • The WhatsApp acquisition has been completed, and is on track to connect more than a billion users globally
  • Facebook continues to build out Custom Audiences, roll out ads on Instagram, and encourage use of autoplay video ads


  • Facebook saw $2.96 billion in ad revenue, a 64% increase YoY
  • Mobile comprised 66% of these earnings
  • Facebook’s employee headcount is up 44% from last year
  • Sheryl Sandberg: “Facebook’s age and gender targeting is 45% more accurate than the digital industry average.”

Takeaways for Advertisers

In many ways, Facebook’s Q3 2014 earnings call was a continuation of Q2‘s themes:

Investments and acquisition – The social network has a lot on its plate between Instagram, Oculus, Liverail and WhatsApp, plus the Facebook Audience Network and the recent re-launch of Atlas taking center stage.

Mobile-first focus – According to Sandberg, consumers are spending 25% of their media time on mobile, but advertisers are only spending 11% of their budgets there. She encouraged marketers to look past the cookie and take advantage of Facebook’s mobile measurement capabilities, particularly during the holidays, when 65% of consumers will be consulting their phones while out shopping.

Video rising – The engagement trend from text to photos to video will continue to increase as user-generated and professionally produced content hits the Facebook news feed. Ad and content relevancy are still a primary concern.

Looking for further details on the call? Here’s some additional coverage:

Or you can go straight to Facebook investor relations to view the slides, listen to the call, and read the transcript in full.

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