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From Power Editor to Nanigans: An Ecommerce Case Study

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Running social media campaigns in-house allows advertisers to control customer data and gain granular insight into budget investments. Facebook’s Power Editor is an excellent tool for introducing the fundamentals of targeting, getting marketers thinking about creative combinations, and teaching how bid types affect campaign performance. Campaign managers comfortable with the basics of launching and optimizing ads on Facebook may be ready to use a Facebook Marketing Partner like Nanigans. With advanced ad automation software such as Nanigans at their fingertips, data-savvy in-house advertisers are in prime position to scale ad spend 10X and beyond, boosting campaign performance exponentially in the process.

Scaling spend while maintaining KPIsRecently, a home services company made the transition from Power Editor to Nanigans software, citing the need for management and reporting on tens of thousands of ads as a primary reason for the switch. After four weeks of training with the Nanigans ecommerce team, the company’s sole campaign manager was able to cut back on repetitive tasks using real-time, customizable reporting and automated tools like Creative Tester and Cohort Analysis.

Over a four-month period, the campaign manager was able to scale spend from $5K to $50K while still maintaining Key Performance Indicators. As the company continued to reap the benefits of time and cost savings, he was able expand their strategy from Custom Audiences to include mobile and remarketing initiatives. Consistently hitting KPIs proved that Facebook was worth investment as an advertising method, which enabled the company to hire two additional campaign managers. After months of positive return on investment (ROI), Facebook is now their number one channel.

For more on how you can benefit from a transition to Nanigans, read Blue Mango Interactive’s Nanigans Review: 40% Lower CPAs, 76% Time Savings.

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