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Online Gaming in the News

Written by: Collin Burke, Content Marketing Intern

Our Q3 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report breaks down the latest trends in Facebook advertising. For gaming companies, CPMs increased 548% year-over-year, compared to a 255% CPM increase for ecommerce companies. Following this upward trend, CTRs increased 298% year-over-year for gaming companies. Despite surging impression costs, engagement continues to rise for gaming companies that leverage Facebook advertising.

Click-Through Rates Year-Over-Year for Gaming Companies

CTR increase YOY

Apple and Google continue to battle in the mobile gaming space. App Annie recently reported that Google Play had 60% more downloads than iOS App Store in Q3 2014, compared to 25% more downloads a year ago. On the other hand, iOS App Store generated 60% more revenue than Google Play last quarter. Google Play continues to have the edge in worldwide downloads, while iOS App Store remains the leader in revenue.

iOS vs. Android

What else has been happening in the gaming world? Let’s take a look:

AdExchanger, “Gaming Advertisers Aren’t Playing Around On Facebook – CPMs Are Up More Than 500%”

Statistics from Nanigans’ Q3 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report are highlighted, showing that gaming companies are taking Facebook advertising efforts to the next level. Competition between mobile gaming companies is heating up, as Facebook mobile advertising is becoming even more effective.

VentureBeat, “Mobile games to overtake console revenues in 2015 — and Apple’s revenue could double Nintendo’s”

According to Newzoo, mobile games will generate more revenue than console games in 2015. The Amsterdam-based market-research firm forecasts that mobile game revenue will hit $30 billion in 2015 and $40 billion in 2017. Spend for online games will continue to migrate from desktop to mobile.

International Business Times, “Electronic Arts Is Growing In Mobile, Up 250 Percent From 2013”

EA is now up to 40 million mobile users per month, a 250% increase from last year. If this trend continues for EA, the company could become a top mobile earner within the next two years.

Joystiq, “Report: Men play more MMOs, FPSes; women rule mobile, RPG”

SuperData Research reports that women account for 57.8% of mobile gamers. The gaming demographic continues to shift, as more and more women enter the space, closing the gender gap.

FierceDeveloper, “Report: 47% of iPhone users found their latest app through app store search”

A recent study from MobileDevHQ states that app store search is by far the most popular way to find apps. Promotion of apps through mobile advertising can prove especially valuable to apps with lower search volumes.

To learn more about advertising strategies for mobile games, check out our blog post Before User Acquisition: Prep Your Mobile Game For Success.

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