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Multi-Product Ads: 1 Unit, 3 Chances to Convert Customers

Written by: Tricia Chang, Product Manager

The Multi-Product Ad Unit (MPA) is a new way to acquire customers or retarget existing ones. From within a single ad unit, advertisers can showcase a carousel of products or images to help encourage increased conversion events.

Served in the News Feed, this unit features three products, each with its own image, name, description and link, providing  3x more opportunities to engage and convert a user.

Facebook Multi-Product Ads

What is a Multi-Product Ad?

The Multi-Product Ad is an ad unit that features three products in a single ad. It serves on both the desktop and mobile News Feed, with the desktop version showcasing all three products in a row. On mobile, the unit allows the user to swipe and reveal all three products as they scroll to the right.

Because of the highly flexible nature of MPAs, these units allow advertisers the chance to deliver highly relevant user experiences, increasing the chance for both new customer acquisition or enhanced customer lifetime value.

What are the advantages offered by MPAs?

There are 3 key benefits to using a Multi-Product Ad:

With a Multi-Product ad, there are three products within the same ad. Each of these products have their own link headlines, descriptions, images and destinations, giving you three times the opportunity to entice a user and compel them to engage with the ad.

MPA-Creative-FlexibilityWith three different product placements, advertisers have increased flexibility to test and iterate on copy and creative to find the best performing combinations. Switch out images and text to find the assets that are most appealing to your users.

MPA-CatalogWith three different opportunities to showcase products, the MPA allows advertisers to highlight their products across a number of different themes. Combined with the use of Website Custom Audiences, advertisers can deliver a superior user experience by retargeting users with a catalog of products they have already viewed or added to cart.

What do I need to create a Multi-Product Ad?

Because of the carousel of products, the number of assets needed to create an MPA is slightly greater than a typical ad placement. Here are the assets that you will need to create a Multi-Product Ad:

Assets that you will need to create a Multi-Product Ad

What are best practices I should follow when creating a Multi-Product Ad?

Launching a high yield campaign with Multi-Product Ad takes some practice. Here are guidelines for ensuring strong results:

MPA-Use-CasesGenerally, the MPA is used to showcase three distinct products, marketed together by a global theme. These themes can include top sellers, a full outfit (top, bottom, and shoe), new arrivals, a color or event-based theme, or products that complement one another. A second option is to use the MPA to promote the same product. Each image could showcase a separate view of that product, giving the user deeper insight into what they are viewing.

MPA-TargetingThe Multi-Product Ad works extremely well when it delivers a highly relevant user experience. Because the MPA can be used for both retargeting and acquisition, when an advertiser generates audiences or Lookalikes based on site visits and then pairs that audience with an MPA showcasing the product that was viewed, the power and functionality behind an MPA is unmatched. Just make sure the audiences your ads are targeting are sizable in reach (at least 500K as a minimum target).

MPA-CreativeBecause the Multi-Product Ad contains a lot of different product-related assets, the copy strategy used in your MPAs is significant to delivering success. For copy, we’ve seen great performance when using the product name in the link headline field and either price or percentage off as the description. Since there are fewer characters allowed in the description field, choose either price or discount percentage, depending on which is most appealing.

MPA-CopyTake advantage of the highly flexible nature of the MPA by focusing on its creative components. When showcasing a carousel of products from the same category or different views of the same product, make sure the images look and feel similar. The background colors on all images should be the same so none of the images look out of place. Most importantly, however, make sure the images used in the ads are eye-catching and attention-drawing.

MPA-BiddingSince the Multi-Product Ad’s main use case is to help drive conversions, we recommend bidding oCPM for your objective to maximize delivery and yield. From a bid perspective, you should also expect to bid higher than what you normally bid on a link ad in order to get significant delivery.

MPA-Delivery-LocationWhile the MPA is able to run on both desktop and mobile News Feeds, we highly recommend running on mobile News Feed only when you have a mobile-optimized website to direct traffic to. This way, users are given the most optimal experience to convert and become repeat-buyers on any device they choose.

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