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2014 Holiday Shopping Trends in 10 Charts [SlideShare]

Written by: Collin Burke, Content Marketing Intern

With the holiday season in full swing, people are busy hunting down the best deals on the latest products. The National Retail Federation forecasts a 4.1% increase in holiday sales this year, while foresees an 8-11% increase in online sales. Similarly, Deloitte projects a 4-4.5% increase in holiday sales and a 13.5-14% increase in online and mail order sales. ComScore anticipates a 16% increase in eCommerce sales this holiday season.

In all likelihood, holiday shoppers will be spending more this year, especially online. Along with the growth of eCommerce sales comes the rise of mobile. Let’s take a closer look at shopping trends to expect this holiday season. Here are 10 charts to keep you in the loop:

The prevalence of smartphones has left the door wide open for eCommerce companies to drive holiday sales through mobile advertising. Creating a seamless omni-channel experience helps guide consumers through the buying process from start to finish. Facebook can be used to reach consumers across devices and has proven to be especially effective on mobile. Maybe that’s why 92% of marketers are spending most of their social marketing budget on Facebook.

If you’re interested in learning more about Facebook’s cross-device tracking capabilities, read our blog post on taking advantage of this new technology. Or, if you’d like to see insights on key purchase rate and cost trends from the 2013 holiday shopping season, take a look at our 2014 Ecommerce Holiday Advertising Trends Preview.

Free Insights: 2014 Ecommerce Holiday Advertising Trends Preview
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