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Purchase Rates Increase 42% for Ecommerce Companies on Facebook This Black Friday

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Last week, the hopes of many brick and mortar retailers hung on Black Friday — a time for consumers to shake off their turkey stupors and rush into stores for limited-time deals.

While Cyber Monday is the designated day for online shopping, we’ve seen more and more shoppers looking online to shop on Black Friday to escape the crowds. In fact, as you can see from the graph below, 2013’s peak purchase rates from ads on Facebook® occurred before and just after Thanksgiving:


So, how did ecommerce companies fare this year on Black Friday on Facebook? Nanigans analytics team dove into this year’s data to find out.

Ecommerce companies leveraging Nanigans software effectively reached relevant audiences on Facebook during the shopping weekend, as you can see from the above graph of increasing desktop clickthrough rates (CTRs) leading up to and through Black Friday. Ecommerce companies leveraging Nanigans software saw desktop CTRs increase 36% on Black Friday as compared to earlier in the week on Monday. Ecommerce companies leveraging Nanigans software saw peak CTRs on Thanksgiving Day – up 66% as compared to Monday of the same week.

Consumers weren’t just clicking on Facebook this holiday shopping weekend; they were making purchases. As you can see in the graph below, ecommerce companies leveraging Nanigans software saw purchase rates from Facebook ads increase 42% on Black Friday as compared to Monday of the same week.


As big retailers like Walmart continue to spread their Black Friday bargains into week-long events, and shoppers continue to research holiday gifts as early as Halloween, we may continue to see similar stretching-out effects in seasonal ad engagement and purchasing data. For example, while many stores are not open on Thanksgiving Day, this data indicates that consumers were in shopping mode regardless, engaging with ecommerce ads on Facebook.

Is the best yet to come for retailers this holiday shopping season? Bill Martin, founder of in-store analytics company ShopperTrak, advises: “We need to be cautious about looking at a single day or two in projecting the season’s total. There is a significant amount of energy left in the consumer.”

For insights into how ecommerce advertisers fared on mobile and Cyber Monday, check back on our blog this week!

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. This data is representative of Facebook ad impressions delivered by US ecommerce customers leveraging Nanigans advertising automation software.

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