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Ecommerce Sales Top $2B; Shopping Trends Indicate Strong December

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Thanks to the post-Thanksgiving tradition of deep discounts and sales, all eyes have been on shoppers this past week. As reports of disappointing brick and mortar sales from Black Friday weekend rolled in, Cyber Monday customers filled their online carts with holiday gifts — to the tune of $2.04 billion, according to comScore. This figure represents a 17% increase from the same day last year, and is a clear indicator that customers are getting comfortable with digital purchases.

Google indicates online holiday shopping will remain strong in December

In preparation and acknowledgment of how mobile devices have changed consumer behavior, online advertisers have been building up Thanksgiving campaigns for weeks — in some cases, months. But the holiday season isn’t over just yet. According to CFI Group, 60% of shoppers will finish their holiday shopping in the first two weeks of December. And based on search data from Google around the 2013 holiday season, trends indicate that there are still a few major online shopping days left in the two weeks before Christmas.

Holiday Multi product AdThe competition for clicks and purchases around Thanksgiving is fierce, and shoppers can often get overwhelmed by bombardment from ads and emails. December offers a little more breathing room for social media advertisers to focus on retargeting and refresh their campaigns. As we discussed in “The Ghost of Holiday Shopping Past,” sales and language geared toward procrastinators are sure to lure in last-minute shoppers, and guarantees of two-day delivery can be one of the most powerful marketing tools. Don’t forget, too, that Facebook recently unrolled its Multi-Product ad unit – the perfect way to display gift sets and seasonal must-haves. Display one item from multiple angles, tie products together with a theme, or showcase a collection; the choices are endless.

 With several weeks left before the holiday season wraps up, there’s no time like the present to consult our creative best practices guide and get customers in a festive (and clicking) mood.

Holiday ad specs and seasonal background ideas



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