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Top 5 Mobile Resources of 2014

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

This year has been quite a ride for online advertisers. Through new iPhones and operating systems to the Facebook Audience Network and the newest eCommerce ad unit, the meteoric rise in mobile device usage shows no sign of hitting a ceiling anytime soon.
A large part of this popularity can be attributed to savvy app development and marketing. As you can see from the Business Insider chart below, apps are now consuming 86% of consumers’ time, with gaming and Facebook accounting for more than 50% of the pie slice.

Time spent on iOS and Android connected devices
With so much opportunity at stake, we know that marketers don’t want to miss out on chances to reach their customers where they spend the most time. Over the past year we’ve gathered bidding, buying, retargeting, and creative tips from our account managers and graphic designers to help you achieve success no matter what your KPIs. Below are our top 5 best-performing posts of 2014.

1. Mobile App Install Ads: Best Practices By Game Genre (Plus Some Extras)

Nanigans graphic designer Dan Wong offers his tips for aligning mobile app install ad creative with game styles and target audiences. This post covers four genres:

  • Action

  • Turn-based

  • Casino/slots

  • Strategy

2. How to Create Compelling Page Post Ads

On Facebook mobile, the news feed is all a user sees, pitting page post ads up against a stream of baby pictures, pets and wedding announcements. How do you ensure customer engagement with your marketing campaigns? We provide seven best practices for creating captivating content.

3. Facebook Mobile Advertising: 8 Best Practices By Ad Type

Whether you’re using mobile for engagement, conversion or install purposes, this post has you covered with action items and suggestions on how you can make your eCommerce or gaming ads stand out from the competition.

4. How to Leverage oCPM to Improve ROI for your Facebook Mobile Campaign

Ryan Pitylak of Unique Influence, a Nanigans Certified Partner, shares the strategy behind a test campaign he ran to determine the best settings for driving conversions at a targeted CPI (cost per install). The results may surprise you.

5. The State of Mobile: Programmatic Buying and Retargeting

Missed opportunities in eCommerce
The landscape of digital advertising dramatically changes from year to year, and if you don’t stop to take a look back, you may miss some key takeaways. In “The State of Mobile,” our marketing team dives into the evolution of mobile advertising and how eCommerce in particular can benefit from retargeting on Facebook.

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