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Data Analysis: The Backbone to In-House Advertising

Written by: Jonathan Sussman, Director, Product Management

Data driven decision-making is the modern day marketer’s key to success in today’s competitive digital environment. A siloed reporting suite with canned sets of data is no longer sufficient in an era where in-house teams are managing thousands of ads across marketing channels.

Here are three ways Nanigans data analysis software has significantly changed the way marketers plan, create and optimize their ad campaigns.

“Data Everywhere”: One-Stop Analysis and Optimization

When our clients step into the office in the morning, the Nanigans data analysis tool is the first place they go before taking any other actions.

Step One:

Make sure nothing is ‘on fire’ by comparing spend and KPIs day over day and against target goals.

Step Two:

Drill down further into the data by manipulating Nanigans multi dimensional table. The flexibility of the pivot table interface lets marketers aggregate by any combination of attributes to identify what is driving or detracting from campaign performance.

Step Three:

Campaign optimization. Nanigans data analysis interface allows immediate access to make changes to campaigns without ever having to navigate to another screen.

Interface Customization

Time management and team collaboration are critical components for a digital marketing team to be successful.  Software that makes you work hard to find what you’re looking for and relies on offline processes for sharing reports across a company is inefficient (not to mention unnecessary).

Nanigans business intelligence: New folders and shared views

Ways in which we have improved customer workflow:

Saved views and folder creation

– Advanced filtering

Custom metrics

Our powerful data analysis tools have become widely adopted by our clients because they save development teams the expense of automating processes outside of Nanigans software:

Nanigans Software: User Stats

In-house advertisers no longer need to manually configure the data they’re looking for on a daily basis; the answers are only a few clicks away.

Foundation for Troubleshooting

Identifying the root cause of an issue from one interface has made our clients lives much easier. Here are just a few of the common issues that a campaign manager can figure out directly from our data analysis views:

Why are my ads not running or spending?

  • Check bids and budgets
  • Make sure your FB Ad Account is not full
  • Check ad hierarchy status and states
  • Check the state of the ad in the push queue table

Why am I seeing no FB conversions?

  • Check the conversion spec attribute or the AI log which can be accessed by clicking on the placement ID
  • Access your conversion set up to troubleshoot Nanigans conversions

How does my ad look on Facebook?

  • Click on the placement and select from the drop down “View on Facebook”

Our Vision

Tracking how customers use our software helps us understand how to improve our product. Over 75% of our clients time and platform events are spent analyzing data and optimizing campaigns. In fact, roughly 35,000 optimization actions are taken a month directly from the data analysis table. Our customers have spoken by their actions and it is crystal clear that they prefer to always have the data at their fingertips when making a business decision without context switching.

Having data present at all times is not only our vision, but it is also how our Mobile Exchange customers set up new ads. Over the next few months as we continue our multichannel push, Nanigans will be moving further into the “data everywhere” model.

More to come on this early next year…

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