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Top 5 Ecommerce Case Studies to Supercharge Your Advertising in 2015

Written by: Collin Burke, Content Marketing Intern

In 2014, Nanigans users set high bars for themselves and their in-house advertising campaigns. From improving yield value, to scaling return on ad spend, to boosting new member registrations, our customers set goals reflecting the unique needs of their online businesses. Without our advertising automation platform, these goals would be considered lofty, but by leveraging Nanigans software, our power users achieved — and exceeded — their objectives.

By experimenting with targeting, and ultimately optimizing campaigns, in-house advertisers were able to successfully deliver the right ads to the right people at the right times. The results were impressive – see for yourself!

Here are five examples of innovative ecommerce companies using data analysis and creative testing to reach new heights in ROI and scale. We hope they provide inspiration as you plan out your campaign strategies in 2015.

1. How to Scale a Facebook Campaign in 60 Days: The JackThreads Story

We helped the JackThreads marketing team take their in-house advertising to the next level, improving Cost Per Signup of new users by 17% in just two months. They were able to achieve their CPS goal through automated bid management and automation, which helped regulate ads and stabilize ad spend.

2. Southeast Asian Ecommerce Company Sees 819% Yield Value with Nanigans Creative Tester

An ecommerce company based in Southeast Asia set a goal of achieving 400% on ad spend. The Nanigans Creative Tester tool helped this retailer attain yield value twice their original goal by using advanced algorithms to automatically deliver the most engaging ads to their most valuable customers.

3. The Power of Creative Combinations: An Ecommerce Case Study

A leading ecommerce retailer allocated a budget of $130K, aiming to produce 15X return on ad spend. By leveraging Custom Audiences and refreshing creative at least twice per week, they were able to gain 73X return on ad spend – nearly 5x their original goal!

4. How an Ecommerce Site Drove More than 88,700 Registrations in Under a Month

Continuous testing of targeting and creative combinations allowed an ecommerce company to obtain nearly 90,000 new member registrations and over 9,300 total purchases in under a month. During this campaign, they were able to aggressively scale their advertising efforts, while maintaining a positive ROI.

5. How a Leading Ecommerce Retailer Scaled From 4K to 20K on Mobile – in 3 Days

Another online retailer set a goal of increasing install rates of its full-catalog shopping app. They spent a couple months experimenting with creative and targeting, eventually increasing spend from $4K to $13K to $20K in a span of three days to reach their most valuable audience: iPad users.

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