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2015: The Year of the In-House Advertiser

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

As we wrap up and look back at 2014, a few trends stand out:

  • Programmatic media buying
  • Real-time bidding
  • Mobile

Why is in-house advertising set to take off?

It’s pretty clear that these “trends” aren’t going anywhere — they’re pieces of a movement. We’re in the middle of a massive shift from traditional marketing tactics like print, billboards and TV toward data-driven marketing channels like search and social media, necessitated by customers moving to mobile.

Online companies live and die by data. As we outline in our introductory eBook, Marketing Moneyball: Why In-House Advertising Changes Everything, taking performance marketing in-house means taking back control of customer information, regaining cost transparency, and attracting analytical staff. And as we explain in Building a Foundation for In-House Success, a shift to in-house can’t happen without a decision-maker who knows by the numbers that digital advertising is key to customer acquisition and retention.

In-house advertising: Early adopters

Fans of Geoffrey Moore’s tech marketing bible, Crossing the Chasm, will be familiar with the trajectory we are seeing in-house advertising. This year we’ve noted a lot of media buzz around brands like Stubhub and Netflix taking on programmatic, and signs indicate that this adoption will continue as the early majority gets on board.

While in-house advertising may not be right for all marketing teams, it is a powerful tool for brands with digital DNA. From eCommerce and online travel agencies to gaming and mobile app developers, Internet companies understand that online customer acquisition and remarketing are critical components to meeting their business and revenue goals. By building internal core competencies rather than outsourcing to a third party, these innovators are fostering vertical expertise, a deeper understanding of customer behavior, and data ownership.

If you’re looking to join the growing movement, or you’re looking for support after taking the leap, we have you covered.

Resources for those considering a shift to in-house

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Data Analysis: The Backbone to In-House Advertising

Resources for in-house innovators

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Sharing Ad Campaign Reporting With Your Team Just Got Easier

Easily Visualize Ad Campaign Data With Performance Analysis Charts

This year, “What is in-house advertising?” became “Is in-house advertising right for me?” — and for Internet companies, “How do I build an in-house team?” We can’t wait to see the movement continue to build in 2015.

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