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3 Ways Marketers Are Tying Email to Paid Advertising

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Paid advertising doesn’t exist inside a vacuum; often, it’s part of a wider range of marketing initiatives that are earned and owned. We’ve found that tying social media campaigns to other forms of customer communication can have powerful results, not just in customer engagement, but retargeting and user acquisition.

One of the most powerful owned channels is email. Marketers consistently rate it highly in surveys for its effectiveness and low level of difficulty to execute. If you haven’t considered linking your email assets to your Facebook advertising campaigns, now’s a great time to start!

Here are three ways to pair your paid and owned channels, from simplest to most complex:

9-CommunicationCollect email addresses at checkout

For eCommerce companies, Facebook makes customer retention a snap. Every time a shopper logs in and makes a purchase, you can collect their email and target them through advertising via a Facebook Custom Audience. Use this capability to stay in touch with your best buyers, letting them know about sales and discounts, loyalty rewards and referral incentives. You can also expand your Custom Audience to other shoppers with similar interests and purchasing behaviors using Lookalikes.

2-InvestmentRetarget prospective customers based on email opens

If your customers are indicating interest by opening your emails, but are still in the activation phase of your marketing funnel, give them an extra nudge on social media by sharing your best-sellers and any new branding you may be rolling out. This approach also works well with contests and sweepstakes, when people have given you their email but may not be very familiar with your products. Facebook’s App Install, Unpublished Page Post Link and Photo ads have all shown strong results in prompting customers to take action for the first time.

3-ControlMake subscriptions a primary or secondary advertising goal

These approaches are a little more nuanced, but can yield strong results:
  • If you happen to know that your customers tend to convert and have higher purchase rates via email rather than paid ads, you can still use ads to fuel your email funnel. Some of our clients choose to optimize their bidding toward customer signups, weighing a collected email as more important than a purchase. When you select email as your primary desired action, you’ll be able to analyze campaign results with Cohort Analysis.
  • Alternately, you could optimize toward purchases, but add in a correlated action like “email signup.” That way, even if your ads don’t wind up attracting direct purchases, you’ll be weighing your ads as effective if they are bringing in emails that you can use to convert customers later on through additional touch points.
Remember, you can use email for all kinds of objectives, targeting repeat purchasers, one-time purchasers, and those who haven’t purchased yet to encourage a buy, an install, a referral or a forward.
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