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New Year, New You: Lead Generation Advertising in 2015

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

The future is looking bright for US consumers. CNN Money reports that median household income continued its three-year climb in 2014, and the Harvard Business Review predicts an unemployment rate of 5% by July of 2015. An increase in income means more car purchases, credit card applications and online degree seekers, so a stronger economy is also good news for lead generation professionals.

Q1 ushers in a brand new year, and with it, a chance for lead gen marketers and app developers to pump up the volume on social media advertising. Online retailers have spent the majority of their budgets acquiring and retargeting holiday shoppers in Q4, so bidding competition has died down. In addition, consumers are making good on resolutions to go back to school, finally buy that auto insurance, and refinance their credit card debt.

In digital advertising, timing is everything. Here’s how you can boost ROI and seize the quarter:


  • Make use of the first-party data brought in by site visitors and subscribers. Facebook’s Custom Audiences allow you to upload email addresses for targeting (for example, if someone submitted their email in order to obtain a free quote or filled out a contact form at a career fair), while Website Custom Audiences enable retargeting based on visitor behavior (such as someone searching for a local agent or selecting auto insurance from a more general dropdown menu).
  • Find new customers that might not know about your insurance products and services via Facebook’s Partner Categories, which allow you to target recent browsers and buyers of vehicles and homes based on third-party data.

Online Education

  • Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 4.50.15 PMAccording to The Learning House, job placement messaging ranked highest in positive student response. If your online degree program has a convincing success rate, make sure to include that figure in your ad copy and/or images.
  • One of the advantages of online education is accessibility from virtually anywhere — but this can lead to blanket geomarketing strategies. Not sure how to narrow your scope? Get the scoop on distance education enrollment trends by geography, courtesy of the National Center for Education Statistics, to ensure more qualified leads.
  • Once you’ve identified an audience segment that is responding well to your ads, expand your reach to prospects with similar interests and backgrounds using Facebook Lookalikes.

 Financial Services

  • Be on the lookout for potential customers who are experiencing major life changes — a house purchase, a new car or a baby often signify that someone may be looking to refinance or get their credit card debt in order. Wedding and baby registrations at major retailers like Target or Crate & Barrel could be a gold mine.
  • A financial services app can distinguish you from the competition and establish your company as an always-on advisor. Make use of being in someone’s pocket by using push notifications and optimizing for ease of use, and be sure to keep customer service readily accessible.

Advertisers doesn’t always get the most trustworthy reputation, so transparency in all areas of lead generation marketing is key — especially when it comes to matters of money. Avoid making claims that could get you into regulatory trouble like “We guarantee your home won’t be foreclosed” or “Lowest rates in your state.” Direct calls to action, ad-to-landing-page consistency, and multiple choices are excellent ways to build a relationship with potential customers — and publishers — in the new year.

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