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Inside the Toolkit of Today’s Best In-House Advertisers

Written by: Mike Lamy, Director, Corporate Marketing

Nanigans-Ad-BuildingThe most forward-thinking companies today know that to achieve meaningful growth through digital advertising, even having an industry-leading team of marketing pros isn’t enough.

Real results come from equipping data-driven advertisers with the most powerful tools for the job.

At Nanigans, we know that taking control of performance marketing in-house with the right talent and the best software can pay off big. Achieving double your ROI goals or scaling your campaigns 10X in just four months doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of sophisticated advertisers leveraging an equally sophisticated software toolkit.

So what exactly are the tools behind today’s most successful in-house advertising teams? At Nanigans it’s our job to build them, and we’ve put together a handy guide to give you an inside look at the multichannel advertising automation software chosen by the best.

Download the software guide to learn how your business can benefit from:

Automate and scale campaigns across today’s most valuable digital channels.
Find your next best customer with Predictive Lifetime Value® based automated bidding and optimization algorithms, customizable to every measurable KPI.
Analyze and take action on real-time and lifetime performance using 100+ reporting attributes with interactive visualizations and dashboards. 
Save time and maximize efficiency with an intuitive multichannel interface and a highly modular ad campaign structure.
Build a complete picture of customer behavior and leverage cross-device insights for universal multichannel campaign optimization.

Nanigans software is the secret behind effective customer acquisition and remarketing campaigns at innovative companies like Wayfair and Zynga. In the software guide, you’ll hear why Nanigans has become the center of performance marketing strategies at businesses around the world.

If your in-house team is looking for a complete solution to efficiently scale your digital advertising, wouldn’t you want the most sophisticated toolkit for the job? Download the software guide to learn why 2015 should be the year you truly take control of your digital advertising.

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