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Scale Your Ad Spend On a Global Level – In Just 5 Steps

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

This is a modified excerpt from Level Up: The Game Developer’s Guide to Global Advertising.

According to a report released by App Annie and IDC, the freemium business model has driven a disproportionate volume of app revenue across both the iOS App Store and Google Play. This phenomenon has had an unfortunate side effect: most apps have a 1-2% average conversion rate. Even the most addictive, time-swallowing games generally hit a conversion ceiling of 10% for getting users to take a specific action like an in-app purchase, level played or achievement earned.

Pixel rocket shipData from mobile analytics firm Flurry shows that average US users spend 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on their mobile devices; 86% of which is spent in apps. Of that time, 32% is spent in gaming apps; in comparison, social and messaging apps take up 28%. User acquisition is the key to gaining a fan base and spreading word of mouth amongst fans; therefore, mobile app install ad campaigns are crucial to the success of your game launch.

When approximately two weeks are all that stands between you and App Store oblivion, every minute counts. Need to scale your audience, fast, without sacrificing ROI? You’d better go global. Facebook’s international reach allows you to tap into a large pool of international gamers, and Nanigans ad automation software sets campaign managers up for ROI with tracking, reporting, budgeting and action optimization capabilities.

5 Steps to Efficiently Scale Your Ad Spend To Additional Markets

1. Clone campaign settings from one country, change the target audience and language of copy, and launch ads in a new country. You can also use Strategy Groups to separate countries and audiences into tiers. For example:

Tiers for international advertising campaigns

2. Use data from the Nanigans Mobile SDK to optimize for high-value users. Leverage insight on not only when someone made a purchase, but who they are, what cohort they came from, what ad drove a click on what device, where they clicked in-app, what level they made a purchase on, and whether they came back and bought more credit.

3. Target more audiences via keyword groups (a plug-and-play into your existing Ad Plans).

4. Ask your Account Manager to leverage our Affinity Analysis tool to identify additional targeting segments.

Affinity Analysis use case

5. Identify new opportunities based on top performers by country, age, gender, device, and creative.

As we’re sure you’re well aware, mobile gaming apps pose a huge opportunity for monetization and recognition. Unfortunately, competition for downloads and in-app purchases is fierce, and only getting fiercer. Using ad automation software in-house allows you to:

  • Easily launch your game beyond an initial geographic market
  • Turn the volume up on ad spend, fast
  • Make on the fly campaign edits
  • Share the data that drives decisions with those who need to see it

To learn more about how you can launch thousands of ads to new geo targets with a couple clicks, check out our free eBook:

Download the game developer’s guide to global advertising

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