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5 Ways Ad Automation Software Makes Mobile App Install Campaigns Easier

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

This is a modified excerpt from Level Up: The Game Developer’s Guide to Global Advertising.

Mobile app install advertising typically requires a ton of data uploads and downloads, not to mention methodical creative testing. But the good news is, you’re alive in 2015, and tech can take on all that manual labor.

Bidding automation means you only have to set things up right the first time. Once launched, campaign settings are flexible; you are free to start out with a CPI goal and then switch to Revenue Optimization (RevOpt) once you’ve gathered sufficient data — all with the click of a button. Hundreds of creative combinations can be tested while you sleep, with the best performers advancing and the worst shut off automatically.

Here, we explore 5 ways our ad automation software can make mobile campaign management more efficient — and at times even enjoyable!

1. Easy Incorporation of Historical DataOptimize App Events

If you’ve been using Facebook’s Power Editor for previous campaigns, you can take advantage of Nanigans Facebook account import tool, which will allow you to leverage creative assets, media, and performance data in any new campaigns. With the click of a button you can import all of your ad data from the Facebook Open Graph, and it will continue to sync over time.

2. In-Depth Mobile Conversion Tracking

Before setting up your first campaign, make sure your app developer has linked your app up with our native mobile app SDK. This will allow you to close the attribution loop, automatically feed mobile tracking data back into your campaign optimization, and get full insight into customer Lifetime Value (LTV) by monitoring app installs, purchases, time of click, time of conversion, and other in-app events with API calls on the hour.

3. Action Optimization

Nanigans can optimize up to 7 actions, tracking and reporting on up to 15. Try to place an action at each point in the user flow (e.g. track daily active users, people who have made it through your app’s tutorial, or left a product review; not just install and purchase events). Set up those actions within our easy to use Conversions interface, keeping in mind that monitoring early activity will allow you to pinpoint specific user segments for retargeting.

4. Streamlined Creative TestingFacebook Lookalike Audiences

The Nanigans Creative Tester tool is an easy way to narrow down dozens (or even hundreds) of creative combinations to the ones that attract the highest value customers. Load your copy and creative in, and our software will automatically ramp up, pause down, and swap in ads based on data it gathers about their performance. We recommend that you test out 5 to 10 creative sets per ad.

5. Lookalike Audience Building

When you feed existing customer data like emails, phone numbers, or website browsing behavior into Nanigans, you can ask Facebook to target other people who have similar characteristics to those who have indicated interest in your games or retail products (and are therefore more likely to be interested in downloading an app from you). You can generate Lookalike Audiences for either reach or similarity audiences directly within the Nanigans user interface.

Want to learn more about how Nanigans helps in-house advertisers automate customer acquisition and remarketing campaigns?

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