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Beyond the Login: A Look at Nanigans Ad Automation Training

Written by: Bryan Smith, Global Director of Training & Enrichment

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford’s words describe how we view the onboarding of customers at Nanigans. In the beginning, we set up a call to kick off the partnership. We discuss where the client’s been and where they want to go. And then we spend the next 90 days training and educating the client on how to get the most from our software.

No two customers are the same, so planning ahead is crucial to ensuring success. A few questions we’ll ask ourselves during pre-training:

  • Does the client have experience advertising with Facebook?
  • Are they familiar with mobile exchanges?
  • What campaign strategies have worked for them in the past?
  • How do we use Nanigans software to improve upon performance?

Tailored Tactics

Nanigans onboarding and training
Slide from a mobile exchange training presentation
We have an ever-growing library of modular training that enables us to pull “off the shelf” only the materials that make sense for a given client.

“Facebook Marketing 101,” for example, would be a snoozer for clients who’ve run campaigns through Power Editor for years; but for clients new to online advertising it’s perfect. Experienced Facebook marketers can build a foundation with “Concepts Behind Nanigans Software” before diving into the product to learn about all the industry-leading buttons, levers, and optimization our software offers. The client’s success, of course, doesn’t stop with training preparation. We have a variety of approaches to encourage and reinforce learning:

  • In-person
  • Virtual training

  • Videos
  • Help Center articles

Ongoing Support

Nanigans Account Managers are responsible for training clients through personalized presentations and hands-on practice. Concepts can be difficult to grasp at times; we find that individual attention enhances knowledge transfer, while the hands-on opportunities reinforce learning. We never want a client to return to their regular routine and forget what they learned only the day before.

Nanigans training and onboarding
A video resource for clients within the gaming vertical.
People learn in many different ways, but an overwhelmed learner is all but guaranteed to lose much of what was taught. By distilling information into more consumable chunks, we aim to get clients started but not cripple them with so much information that it undermines their long-term success. It’s really not unlike learning math in grade school: Algebra I builds upon basic concepts introduced in Pre-Algebra and prepares us to succeed in Algebra II.

Later on in the training curriculum, sessions will be scheduled to introduce more advanced concepts to users and answer questions that may have come up while the client explored the platform. It’s important to note that long after the official 90-day training period is over, vertically aligned Account Managers and product specialists are available to provide performance and delivery recommendations, and to help troubleshoot challenging campaigns.

In addition to in-person and virtual training, Nanigans offers always-on content. Clients can learn at their own pace from anywhere in the world, and still get hands-on experience through tutorials. This approach also allows us to make new materials available to clients quicker.

While there’s no one size fits all solution to client learning, we’ve found that the combination of a customized training approach and relevant support materials is extremely effective in helping our clients succeed.

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